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Rolling Crown

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It was an older version of the file that got replaced, new version is on https://rollingcrown.itch.io/demonheart-early-access

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Hello, I just uploaded some Steam keys that can be claimed by itch.io purchasers. In my dashboard it says "Keys will be distributed to a purchaser when they first click the request key button on their purchase page." Do you have access to such a button?

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Hello and thank you for your feedback. Chapter 3 will be out around mid August.

Hello! The romanceable characters are Sir Brash, Demonspawn and Ari

Thank you for writing this, it's good to know if it happens to anyone else.

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Thank you. :)
The next chapter should be out in August. There's that rule that development always takes longer than we anticipate, even when we take into account that development takes longer than we anticipate...

It seems like there was an issue with file permissions. I re-uploaded them. Please try to download now.

Hello, could you please try if the issue still happens if you turn off character animations in the settings? Also, what are your system specifications? Because the character animation engine may not work correctly with some specs.

Did you maybe move the app outside of the folder it was unpacked in? I've been able to reproduce the error when I moved demonheart.app to the desktop.

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Hello, which OS is in question? It seems like some files may be missing - check if your antivirus has maybe removed some files.

Edit: I see now from your other comment that it's macOS Sierra. I will check now if everything is OK in the macOS build.

Sorry if I wasn't clear. I meant to say the price for the whole game is $20, which means all 5 chapters are included in that price (but not all are finished yet). So when you buy, you will get access to all chapters automatically, as they are released.

When they are finished, all chapters are going to be included for the one time price of $20.

The average play time of chapter 1 is around 1 hour 20 minutes, the others will be of similar length.