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I tried to make it more anime-style, but it's not quite anime xD

Well, yes. And I'm doing the character art myself.

Yes, after some people have played the Windows version. I was expecting there might be bugs to fix.

It's Orchid, though now I realize the witches who wrote the book also ruined "all three" of them. :)

I'm not planning any more direct sequels, but maybe there will be a game in the same world in the future. Right now I'm working on a new visual novel in a separate world, but similarly dark themed -


Does this error happen in Demonheart: Hunters?

It looks like the game is trying to create some files or a folder (the saves folder or some config?) but the system is stopping it from writing. Could you copy the whole error message?

Because the other payment method is Stripe, which is not supported in my country

Make sure that it's copied to the plugins folder and that you overwrite the LAMB_DLC_Sack.js file from the original game. Then when you restart the game, you should get the sack item on new game, and also when you load a save.

Ok, I should be able to fix that, thanks

You can send it to, but posting here is ok too.

I don't have the rights to sell the soundtrack. It's from different music packs that can be purchased to use in games, and free music from Kevin MacLeod.

Kevin MacLeod -

  • Tracks: Angevin, Blue Feather, Dark Times, Folk Round, Lamentation, Long Note One, Longing and Concern, Midnight Tale, Rites, Teller of the Tales, Time Passes, Unholy Knight, Unpromised

Medieval Warfare Music Pack - (It can be purchased on Steam and on RPG Maker's website.)

Apocalypse Music Pack -

Battle RPG Music Pack  -

You shouldn't be able to save during conversations, can you save when nothing is happening?

Yes, it's probably for a companion that's not in the party then

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Mailing List:

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Mailing List:

It was mostly how the game makes Brash walk that changed. I also tried to make some areas less laggy, including Ravage Center. It's good if there were no issues after the changes, thanks!

There is no full version of the game yet and it can't be purchased, it will be enabled on January 29th. It's just that the price has been set in advance, but all that's available to download is the free demo.
Have you talked to the man in black once, or did he disappear without ever talking?

Thanks for testing so extensively!

The lady with the rats in the basement wasn't there before, her conversation was incomplete so she was hidden.

And now I'll be fixing the bugs from such a "simple" feature as autosave for a while. xD

It seems the changes to autosave did this. I was testing it with additional messages to inform me that autosave was starting, and it seems when I removed the messages it started crashing. I'll update soon, hopefully it won't crash when I add some delay to autosaving.

Hello. So, the demo works for you, but the full game does not? I've been checking the files, and it looks like the demo is just missing the last 4 chapters, the rest should be the same. If the demo can start up, you could try to copy/paste the "bin" and "chapters" folders from the full version and run the demo to see if the game works that way.
I'll try to upload everything with itch's app to see if that makes installing any easier.

I'm still testing and polishing the game. It will either be on time or very close, it's almost finished.

Right now the game doesn't show the version number, but I'd like to add that. I'll take note of your suggestions.
Switching between log and conversation is a bit glitchy, it will advance the conversation when you exit the log, so that's why I disabled it along with the other buttons. But I'm sometimes finding it more difficult to test when the log is disabled, too, so I'll consider enabling it again.

Yes, the shore where you need to meet Brash is not in the beta. Ari is always alive. I wouldn't have any special content if she's dead, so having her dead would just mean less content and it would make it much more complicated to write everything.

I have no plans for a world map right now, maybe I can update the game after release, but there wouldn't be enough time to make a feature like that by the planned release date.

The warehouse isn't in the beta, that's about where it ends. Maybe at some later time I will expand the beta to add it.

It's a bug, similar to something we had earlier when items duplicated but they weren't real. I think the 1 item remaining isn't really there, it just failed to get deleted completely.

It's good that the new error messages are working as intended. I was able to find out more about this bug, it should be fixed in v1.10 which I'm uploading.

The deer are a bit random, they can respawn any time you enter the map.

Dragging is supposed to work though. Maybe the new version fixed that?

I couldn't find this bug when testing yet. v1.09 is up. I hope this version will print one more line in the error message, saying which file the error happened in. Old saves should work between these two versions, you should just copy the folder www/save

These issues should be fixed when I upload v1.09. I'm just trying to hunt down one more bug.

Okay, that was very helpful, I think I know what happened there. It should be fixed when I upload a new version.

I can't guarantee the saves will work, it depends on how much of the game I change with the fixes.
I wanted to update the beta with a bit more content at some point, so everyone would come to test again, since each new fix introduces a possibility for new bugs.

It seems the "refresh" error is a bug I introduced with the most recent fixes. Each time you fix something, something else breaks. :') I'll try to make another update soon.
Pablo doesn't have a journal entry, but he should in the finished version. You're supposed to just sell it to him.