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Hello! :)

First of all, it ´s a really great game, almost forgot about the demo I played one year ago or something and then: "ding" the games comes out! ^^

But I´ve got a question: I did the route once with Jon and twice with Katy... and until now, I always got the bad end, even though I was on a romance route the three times...

I suppose it has to do with the "red/blue" thing on the statut page?

Thansk again for that cool game and have a nice day!! :D

I think I read on Steam that the 3rd chapter will come out on the 21 of august... Not  sure though, maybe it came out before?

Demonheart community · Created a new topic Question & co

Hey! Just wanted to say: I really like your game, the art is super cool and the story quite interesting!

A little question though: do you know approximately when the next chapter will come out? -sorry if you already answered that question, I m just really eager to play the rest of the game! :D-

Anyway, have a nice day &thanks again for this cool game !