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I don't want to keep seeing horror games I won't download when I browse new games to get

I played the demo last night and oh goodness it looks so neat! I love that the protag can have they/them pronouns! I love the art style! It has a late 90's manga vibe! I'm looking forward to any and all updates!

Hmmm I think I'm most interested in Kien! I can't wait until the game is released!

holy shit this game is my life. please tell me you're planning on making more gay ass games like these because if you do, I will grant you three wishes

Weird question, but who is the composer for this version Dona Nobis Pacem? I've tried to find it for a while now, but I have not been able to.

Thanks so much <3

So, I have this game on steam, and the game updated today, does that mean that chapter 3 was released? And if it was, I checked on it, and it didn't seem to update the third chapter.

Oh man, if only this were on steam, then I could buy it!!

Great work with the demo!!! Can't wait to see the full version!!!