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Captcha appearing frequently

A topic by strandgames created Jul 01, 2017 Views: 200 Replies: 2
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it sometimes takes me over 10 mins to login to itch.
 If my password is correct, why is it doing the ROBOT thing??


Is it taking you 10 minutes to complete the captcha, or is there an other delay? The captcha can appear due to many different factors, if you're using a shared network or public VPN then you're likely to be sharing the same limits by other people.

I have this issue too.  I try to log in to the Windows app.  I enter my email and password, click the "I am not a robot" box, then on the Captcha screen I'm asked to click on cars, store fronts, street signs... you name it, I've clicked it!  I just constantly get asked to click on more.