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Bonus content post-launch for existing buyers?

A topic by T. Ashley Jenkins created Oct 19, 2020 Views: 118 Replies: 2
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Heya! I've got a quick question for something I'm curious about - if bonus content for people who pay a bit extra is added after a project is released, will existing customers be able to access it by paying the difference? I've read a bit about DLC-like 'Sub-products' that may be a better fit for this sort of thing, but I'm not sure those are publicly available to use yet.

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To the best of my knowledge, buyers would have to buy the game again at that increased price. The best approach would be a separate store page with the DLC/Expansion and some links back and forth. If you take that approach the product could also be more easily gifted to others.

I feel like it was Dark Dimension who answered a question very similar to this one at some point in the last 37 days, but I’m too incompetent to find that thread again. (Edit: There you go.)

The last thing about the Sub-products I heard was, that they were still in a testing phase and only available to admins - for said testing. If that feature had gone live they would have probably announced it.


Phewph, ok...! Good to know - thanks for the prompt answer!

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