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T. Ashley Jenkins

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Heya! I didn't see any sort of option for this but: Say I want to release a game as pay-what-you-want on itch, and for some low price (say $3) on Steam. Steam's terms of service, if I recall correctly, say you can't distribute external keys if the base price of the game on the external storefront is lower than the game's price on Steam - is there a way to set it to where you can only claim a Steam key if you pay some minimum amount?

Phewph, ok...! Good to know - thanks for the prompt answer!

Heya! I've got a quick question for something I'm curious about - if bonus content for people who pay a bit extra is added after a project is released, will existing customers be able to access it by paying the difference? I've read a bit about DLC-like 'Sub-products' that may be a better fit for this sort of thing, but I'm not sure those are publicly available to use yet.