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Is there a batch-download or download-all option somewhere?

As far as I’m aware, there’s not. My understanding of this is that it is on purpose. If every time there was a bundle with a lot of items, and a big percentage of users would batch-download the entire bundle, this would create a huge performance demand on the servers.

Downloading each of them individually would be more than a little tedious and time consuming.

Instead of downloading everything and looking at them one at a time, I would suggest that you download each item as you are about to use it.

Hope that makes sense :)

So it means, even if I can download the game (there is a download button), this does not give me the right to use this game for any of my purposes (commercial, for example, and distribute)

In the majority of cases, downloading a game gives you only the right to play it. Re-distributing it is a major no, with very few exceptions. If a game has no license, by default in most countries, you are not allowed to publish it in any way.

Please respect the time people put on their creation and don’t try to profit from other people’s work.

this is a very weird combination, but it would be fun to pull it off.

Sounds like a great recipe for indies ;)

But I understand, feel free to let me know if things work out.

Hey there,

I was thinking of running a game bundle, the theme of the bundle being shame, games you made but you are embarrassed to say.

I think I have a project that fits that criteria ..

There’s this game I made a few years back called “Shuffled Nightmares”.

To participate post a link to your game as well as a motivation as to why the game belongs in the bundle.

In some sense, I’m proud of this game, as it was the first game I made with my programming language “avdl”. But when comparing the game itself, with other games out there, it doesn’t look that strong. This is why when I tell friends about projects of mine, I usually avoid this one title.

Not sure if this is the kind of project you were looking for to add to the Bundle, let me know if interested :)

Hey there,

Looking at the details of your project page, it says it was published 2 hours ago. It usually takes a day or two for a project to be indexed and visible while searching. This can take a bit longer during weekends/bank holidays or if this is your first paid project.

As you noted yourself, your project is public and purchasable, and you can post about it on other social media.

Hope that helps, congrats on the new project :)

Does that mean purchasing a game, and downloading it is different? Kind of like how steam has you buy a game and there’s a difference with installing it?

I’m not sure how Steam records these analytics. On, it’s possible for a user to buy a game once and download it multiple times. Each time they download it will appear in the analytics as a new download.

As for how paypal restrictions on new sellers work, it says that for new sellers. The first 3 weeks on selling on a service they withold funds to see if selling patterns are unusual or not, to check for like scammers.

That sounds reasonable. I would expect that all payments are still successful as far as your customers know at least, so they should get access to the downloads of your project. I assume Paypal just doesn’t let you do anything with that money until the 3 weeks are passed. I wouldn’t worry about it too much, problems that are solved by waiting are the best ones to have, at least in my opinion.

Hope that clarifies things. Thankfully these are all one-time problems that shouldn’t be there on your next paid project, and things will be much smoother.

Hey there,

Since I’m a new seller, the money is still on hold by paypal for what I’m assuming will be only foe the first 3 weeks then I’ll get the money.

Is this on Paypal’s side, not’s? I’m not familiar of restrictions on Paypal for new accounts.

Like some bought the game thrice, and when the money on hold thing goes away. Will the other earlier transactions be revealed as mistakes?

This is unclear. Maybe some people wanted to support you, or they bought your project as a gift for someone else. It’s possible all the money will end up with you, but it’s also possible that some might be marked as mistake/refund/other issue.

In my page, it says I got 0 downloads. Is this because I’m a new seller and they will only show me that the downloads occured the moment 3 weeks pass by, and I’ll be able to receive money?

Downloads are not tied to sales, the show up as soon as a user downloads your project.

In that regards, are the people buying my game multiple times because while they did pay for it, they did not get my game until my paypal account recognises I’m a seller for 3 weeks?

I really doubt that’s the case. If the payment has gone through to paypal, the users should have access to the projects they purchased. If paypal has restrictions for new accounts, that’s on paypal’s side.

Hope that helps. Congrats on your success, looking forward to seeing more of your projects around :)

Hey there,

I assume you are referring to the review for indexing a project. That usually takes a day or two. This can take longer if it’s your first paid project, as some extra checks are needed. Also bank holidays and weekends can increase the waiting time, especially now in an Easter weekend.

Hope that makes sense, if all goes well your project should be indexed within the following week. Until then, your project is still public and you can share it on social media.

Hope that helps :)

Hey there,

If I’m not wrong, this is not a feature intentionally. If multiple users decided to download 1000+ games at once (from the recent big bundles) the servers would be stressed out a lot.

Assuming you just want to play games, I’d suggest to try them one at a time.

Hope that makes sense :)

See leafo’s comment below, turns out this is being worked now, so the withholding rate might not happen instantly. Hope everything is resolved at the end :)

I was under the impression that my national insurance number would serve as a tax ID, is this not the case?

That should be correct, and you can use the national insurance number as a foreign tax ID. Judging by the comment made below by leafo, sounds like the tax withholding rate might be calculating at the time you request a payout, so if you’ve provided that already, it might not show 0% instantly.

Hey there,

Have you made sure to add your foreign tax ID code during the interview? I’m in the UK and I have 0% withholding rate.

Hope that helps

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Did you give your Foreign Tax ID code? At some point in the process it asks for that if you don’t live in the US.

I live in the UK and had to supply that for my tax withhold rate to become 0%.

Update: See leafo’s comment, this is currently being worked on so the change might not be instant for the time being.

Hey there,

Usually 2 days are enough to index a project. However the process becomes a bit longer on weekends, and if this is your first paid project, as there are some additional checks that need to be done.

A few additional days shouldn’t impact the overall visibility of your project, so once it gets indexed it will all be fine.

Hope that helps, looking forward to seeing more of your projects around :)

It might be useful to post what country you are in, or what country you are looking a new job in. In the UK for example, there are a lot of job opportunities for Unity devs.

Hey there,

The page you linked for creator “joqlepecheur” seems to be down. Maybe the profile page was de-indexed beforehand?

In general, profiles that don’t have projects, or users that haven’t created a creator profile, are not shown in search. Also breaking the rules in any way can get you de-indexed and have your profile hidden as well. Maybe that’s what happened in this case?

Hope that helps :)

before the error.

Can you post the error you are seeing?

Hey there,

Your project was published 8 hours ago (at the time of this comment), which is quite early for a project to be indexed and be shown in searches. It can usually take up to 48 hours for a project to be indexed. This takes longer on weekends/holidays, and if this is your first paid project.

For more information, you can read Getting indexed on Search & Browse.

Hope that helps :)

Hey there,

In the project’s page, I can see that it was published 3 days ago. Considering this is your first paid project, it needs to be manually reviewed by an admin before being indexed, so it might take a bit longer than usual. This only happens on your first paid project, future ones should be indexed faster.

Hope that makes sense, looking forward to seeing your projects around :)

As far as I’m aware, this is not possible on purpose. If all users that downloaded the big bundles were to download all items in it on one go, it would put a lot of stress to the servers.

Hope that helps :)

In general, you need to download the “.apk” file from a project, and run it using your android device.

For most devices however, it won’t allow you to install apps from outside the default app store, unless you set the appropriate settings. This is usually done if you go to “Settings” -> “Security” -> “Unknown Sources”. If you tick that, it should allow you to install “.apk” files from the web.

Keep in mind though, that setting is disabled by default on purpose. It’s possible to download and install malicious apps randomly from the web, so check twice before installing something.

To elaborate a bit on this, if a project is marked as NSFW, then it won’t be shown to guest users. When being logged in, a user has to allow NSFW games to see them while searching around the site.

Hey there,

Self-promotion is against the rules in this board, please make sure to read the rules before posting.


Hi there,

I would suggest you to contact support, using the e-mail of the account that was used to make the purchase, and explain the situation.

Developers are discouraged from removing their projects and/or accounts from, but sometimes it happens. However it might also be the case that their account was banned.

Hope that helps :)

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Hey there,

If you navigate to the “Edit Game” page of any of your projects, at the very bottom there are some radio buttons to configure the project’s visibility:

Visibility & access

Use Draft to review your page before making it public. Learn more about access modes

[ ] Draft — Only those who can edit the project can view the page

[ ] Restricted — Only owners & authorized people can view the page

[ ] Public — Anyone can view the page Configure settings…

This way, you can limit the visibility of the game to just you and anyone who can edit the project, or to everyone who has purchased your project already, but nobody new.

Hope that’s what you were looking for :)

Hey there,

From what I recall, you need to have a downloadable version of the game for it to be indexed. I’m not sure if a demo version counts, I will check on that, but considering your project was published a few months back, that must be the reason.

Will I just need to mark the game as free until the full non-demo builds of the game are ready?

You can always add a full version of the game (even if unfinished), as long as it’s clear that the game is still in development. That should index your project.

Do I need to mark the game as “released” even though only the demo is currently available?

That won’t change anything, I believe the release status does not affect if a project is indexed or not.

Hope that helps :)

If you are talking about the community forums, each board has their own rules. Usually most boards do not allow for self-promotion at all, with a couple of exceptions, for example Release Announcements.

Self-promoting on other peoples project I’m sure is not the best idea. The last thing you want as an indie is to annoy other users by posting about your projects on random places.

Hope that helps :)

(Note to moderators: I decided to post this in the General Discussion forum rather than the Recommend a Game forum. The reason is that there’s a rule stating not to promote your own game in that forum, and I want any Ukrainian developers to be able to share their own work in this thread. If this was an error, please do move this thread to a more appropriate location. Thank you.)

I don’t see any problem with this. Even if a thread is a gray area when it comes to the rules, it’s always worth making an exception for a topic that will help the community, at least in my opinion :)

I’d really like to own some of these titles in the event that they for whatever reason get delisted.

Unfortunately, if a dev decides to take their projects down, there is no way (regardless if you own it or not) to still have access to it. Developers are generally discouraged from doing that, as it makes a poor user experience, but is an open platform, where the developers have more control over their creations.

If you are worried about losing access to a project, you can always download it and store it somewhere locally, which will guarantee you have access to it forever.

Is there a way to claim a free game that lacks a “Name your own price” feature?

The only way to claim a project, is to donate money to it. Developers can opt out of receiving money, for their own reasons, in that case I believe there is not really a way to claim such a project.

Hope that helps :)

Hey there,

33 days is more than usual. If this is your first payment on your account, and if the project is new enough, there might be some extra delays. In either case, I’ll mention this to an admin in case it helps resolve this.

Cheers :)

No indie game comes to mind, but this remind me a lot of how Dark Souls games work. Quite often you just have to out-maneuver the enemies, and higher levels just allow you to fail more often before dying.

Maybe searching for Dark Souls -esque games might help?

It’s worth noting that the issue you describe is to be directed mostly to developers uploading their Linux builds on, not the site or its creators themselves.

Each developer is responsible for uploading builds that any use can run with as little hassle as possible. Devs also have the option to provide instruction, for more complex projects if they want to.

I can agree that support for tar files would be a nice extra for the app (I haven’t checked if it’s already there, so I’ll take your word for it that it isn’t). However using zip files is not really impacting the project in any way.

The experience goes like this; The user finds a software that they wish to try, they click download, select the appropriate file ( usually labelled linux_64bit ), after it has finished downloading they click launch and - nothing happens. No error message, no console output. The only console output you get is “App launched, getting out of the way”.

That’s a fair point, I’m not sure if the app can detect a game that failed to run. However similar to above, if a game fails to run, but exits without an error, there is no way for the app to know if that’s intended or not.

Hope that makes sense, there was a lot that you posted, so not sure if I missed anything. Most of the things I’ve mentioned are based on personal experience - most of my projects support Linux. :)

Hey there,

It looks like something happened with your account. Not sure if it was a ban or not, but either way you can contact support and they can let you know of any details.

Hope that helps :)