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Johnny Lootem's Going Loopy!

A classic shoot 'em up made for LD 47 (Stuck in a Loop) · By Robin Field, Billy Hobson

If you manage to beat the game, I'd love to hear from you here! Sticky

A topic by Robin Field created Oct 07, 2020 Views: 136 Replies: 3
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If you've got any thoughts to share about your experience, toss them my way! :)

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Very cool game, I liked it a lot! It’s great that it gives you lots of scrap to buy upgrades, making it a really fun experience. Some games are very greedy about upgrades, and you have to save for a long time only to buy one…


Definitely enjoyed the game. At first it seems difficult, but health and lives are cheap, so I beat it on my first try. The weird thing was that the last boss exploded for like a minute, after I beat him. That must've been a bug, right?


As a die hard fan of defender, this game was a blast althrough It was quite short.
I hope there's a scanner so I can locate the enemies outside the screen.

How about an endless mode ?