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I will choose not to play this demo because I already know for certain that I'm gonna buy the full release.

The future is now it seems

Hey, at this point you should be able to see that there are many players without a gamepad and still refusing to offer different control options is pretty dickish of you

As someone with a qwertz keyboard, I feel your pain. Many devs just don't seem to think about even though good controls are so crucial to enjoy a game

A lot of fun! 👍👍

I found the male voice actor a bit lackluster and the game is obviously just one big key hunt, but I still think this is a very well done psychological horror game

Ahh Id love to play this but my mouse intensity is going crazy and no options so this isnt gonna work

dude what the heck you're only supposed to play one game a day

hmm i dunno

Probably. After the the first big surge in difficulty, it was kind of a cakewalk

Unfortunately I started dozing off

I don't usually like this game genre, but this was just fantastic

So can you not update the steam version anymore and if so do I have to  buy it again to get the best version?

I'm having the same issue, it seems impossible if you jump down before getting it


Nothing personal, kid

tough, but pulled through. great stuff as always

(didnt feel like an a+ i gotta say)


But for real this game is pretty cool, just very easy once you know how it works.

Hmm can't seem to get the second stage's rhythm right

Thanks, pretty sure I tried that before, but this time it worked. Your stuff is great fun!

338.44 seconds

13 deaths

Can't move on from the ''Powered by'' animation

Definitely enjoyed the game. At first it seems difficult, but health and lives are cheap, so I beat it on my first try. The weird thing was that the last boss exploded for like a minute, after I beat him. That must've been a bug, right?

The download doesn't work for some reason

I may be stupid, but I don't see those VR missions

Dude, this was a crazy journey and although the bosses drew me a little crazy, you did an amazing job with this!

Amazing!! This is a must-play for indie game enthusiasts and it has great vibes. But how do you unlock the Extras? I've already beaten the game in Hard Mode and gotten two different endings

Pretty awesome, but I lack the motivation to persevere

The game bugged out, when the princess wanted to kill the dog. Otherwise I liked it. Jammy FT

I got stuck on the staircase in the house and that was that

Wow, now there isnt anything left of what I thought was worth critcising

Pretty dang cool. Was this by any chance inspired by the game Orc and Elves?

Bruh the final level took me hours but I beat it. This game is awesome and easily worth money

this is good. i like it

I know nothing about Touhou, but this game is outstanding!

I like the concept and the game is pretty fun, but it desperately needs the option to restart the current level, since you can screw yourself over so easily