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Robin Field

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A  big update is definitely in process! I've been struggling for time to work on Little Lands, but I'm definitely chipping away  at it slowly;

I appreciate the interest in the game and I really hope my update feels worth the super long wait.

You can check out my twitter @robinorwhatever for any updates/info about it, although I don't tweet nearly as much as I should.

And I would definitely love to do a mobile port. I'm not sure when I'd be able to do it, but I do think its a fun idea.

Thanks for baring with me. :)

sure can. ;)

I had a great time reading your piece about it; I can't express how flattered I feel that people would write about the game. Thank you.

I don't want to accidentally mention a ton of stuff that'd never make it into the retail version, but in terms of a few things that'd most likely make it into the game, that I can think of:

- Designing cute little towns has always been a big thing for me, so I'm definitely planning on having plenty of cosmetic stuff for you to play with, I'm also going to make sure the mechanics incourage it.

- The ability to create transport/scout spaceboats to discover and travel to other surviving villages to trade, ancient ruins of the destroyed earth, pirate-controlled islands, etc...

- Ground-based combat.

- Terrain height. For example: building on  hills would be benificial, as it'd take longer for enemy footsoldiers to walk up slopes, giving you more time to attack them.

- An in-depth storyline, with characters and bossfights, etc...

Hopefully we don't mess it up big time. :)

Hey! Thanks for asking.

Programming was poorly put together in Game Maker Studio 2, using GML.

Outside of that, graphics were made in Paint.NET and music was made with FL Studio.

I'm so happy to see someone use Little Lands to create their own little cute cities.

Creating my own little towns has always been my favourite thing in games like this, but sadly, as you've experienced, the game isn't very city design-friendly.

We're about to start working on the full retail version of Little Lands, since we've got so many complex ideas that we can't wait to get into.

The ability to design cute little towns; with gameplay benifits to doing so, in order to encourage it, is something I definitely want to spend a lot of time carefully implementing.

I love your use of the walls, you're the first person I've seen use them how I intended. :)

I haven't got access to a mac as of now, but I just thought I'd let you know that I'd be very happy to get a Mac version out as soon as I am able. Hopefully sometime soon.

I've seen a good few people mention the lack of a mac port, its been bothering the back of my mind pretty badly.

I really appreciate your patience. :)

( Sorry for the late response, I'm not very good at handling anything relative to talking to people or public stuff.  :\ )

Turns out my brain just doesn't work properly and the difficulty multiplier was turbo-broken the whole time.

I'm rolling out an update ASAP to fix this, alongside a couple of tweaks.

Thank you very much for the input! I appreciate the idea of people wanting to share and compare their scores with the difficulty multipliers, I'd definitely love to see if I can do anything in the future to make it a bit more convenient.

I initially worried about the difficulty of the game, but I think I accidentally made it way too easy in doing so. I'm hoping to get new pirate variety, etc... To give the game more flavour and difficulty.

Thank you very much for your input!

The lack of feedback in the game, like what you mentioned with the mines/lumber shacks, has been really bothering me since release, since stuff like the resource depletion was added last minute to balance the game better.

So I can't wait to get these things fixed, once the game jam is over.

The idea of having a notification for incoming pirates is a very good idea, I'll definitely look into doing that.

The pirates are actually supposed to naturally ramp up in difficulty over time in the game, but I probably broke it in the updated version and didn't notice, much like how I didn't notice that the game's window still has the dumb name that I originally gave it.

I also agree with you on being able to put individual resources into your ship, I'll have to look into the best way of doing that, while still keeping the UI as simple as it is.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game! And I really appreciate the advice and ideas. Thank you.

I feel honoured that you like the game this much! Thank you.

We're not too sure exactly when the next update will be ready, we're hoping to get a smaller update out soon after the Ludum Dare judging ends. If we're lucky, we might be able to fit some of the bigger stuff we had in mind in there too, like the blood moon.

(To be honest, I'm a bit scared of ruining the game by accident.)

There's currently no way to follow development, but it seems like it'd be a really cool idea! I'll make sure I talk to Billy about it when I can.

Thank you very much for the comment.

We're hoping to get an update out soon-ish, and having a final score at the end would definitely be something I'd be happy to include!

In terms of the walls, they were originally designed to mostly help against pirate footsoldiers, but we didn't have enough time to get the ground-based combat in the game. The barracks was also supposed to be where you made your own footsoldiers from.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game! And thank you for the feedback.

There is now!

You can now download the OST the same way you download the game.

300 people, huh? You're better than me. Billy's highscore is 1111.

Thanks for playing our game!

It's amazing to know that people like the game enough to play through it multiple times.

Alright, I have done! Thanks for letting me know.

(Just to makes sure, Little Lands will always be safe to download so long as you ONLY download it from the official Itch.io page- https://robinfield.itch.io/little-lands

or the Indiexpo page- https://www.indiexpo.net/en/games/little-lands )

I definitely agree with you on the sound, I had a lot of trouble just trying to get it realtively balanced in-game, from all kinds of crazy varying volume. I suppose it's my fault for throwing Billy in the deep end, asking him to crank out sounds before the game jam ended.

I'm very much so wanting to do a lot more with the audio in a future update, when the judging is over, I think it's really important towards how fun a game feels; so I'll probably go over balancing it when we manage to get around to that.

I'm very glad you had fun with the game! And I definitely appreciate the feedback.

57 People is pretty much the same as what I win with, Billy's highest score was 1111 people, but he's painfully talented at these types of games.


Your comment is so flattering that I spent the last 2 hours trying to find a way to reply.

I'm really glad you enjoyed it, thanks for playing our little game!

I feared the game would be too confusing/difficult for people to enjoy.

If you managed to get to the end, feel free to mention it and how many people you won with here!

Thank you so much for playing our LD38 game.

Hey! Since I started working on the full version of the game, I realised the mass multitide of problems the original had, so I'll soon be working on a little updated version to add a proper checkpoint system, alongside making combat and general gameplay feel a bit less like ass.

I'm glad you could still enjoy the game in its current form though! :)

Sadly, I didn't have a lot of time to make it obvious because of the Ludum dare time limit, but you're supposed to slash to rotate the pillar on the left and stab the colours on it,that are reprosented on the rock on the right, in order. Once you do that, you go over to the rock to stab it. Hope this helps.