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Plagued Station 2

A player-hostile gameboy style metroidvana for GBJAM7. · By Robin Field

If you manage to beat the game, I'd love to hear from you here! Sticky

A topic by Robin Field created Aug 27, 2019 Views: 241 Replies: 12
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As usual my jam games end up way too difficult for their own good; and this one's kinda long too.

If you managed to get to the end, I'd love to hear about how it went!

sure is a hard game, especially the dark area :O

currently stuck there, trying to find my way around


Good luck my man!

Just have the game beaten.

Love the final time rush part: the time is just okay for me to find the right way, try and err and get through the final challenge.

Amazed at the level design of dark area,setting of checkpoint,cool jump style(?) and the extra grenade ammo when needed. 

Quite enjoy it.Thanks.

P.S.Wonder what will happen when time runs out.


I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for playing.

You actually get one more chance with a shorter time limit if you let the timer run out; if you fail again the game goes to a black screen saying 'You blew it' and then boots you back to the title screen, which is pretty cruel now that I think about it.

Finished the game. The gauntlet with the time limit is difficult. Having to switch weapons during the hectic scene with the moving spikes got me many times. Overall fun. Nicely designed areas. Do wonder what became of the main character chic. Especially after that ending. :P


Thanks for sticking with the game through to the end, I'm glad you enjoyed it

I have plans for some new gameplay and areas for after the gbjam credits that should wrap the ending up properly, if I have spare time for it.

I really appreciate the feedback. ;)

Loved the game, the level and boss design reminded me a lot of Environmental Station Alpha.

Are there any secrets? I couldn't find a single one. I was sure I there was going to be one under the L-shaped grenade-breakable tiles above a spike pit that seem to serve no purpose.


Thanks so much for playing! ;)

Environmental Station Alpha has been on my radar for a while but I haven't gotten around to playing it  yet.

Sadly there pretty much aren't any secrets. I had some extra items in the game to be used for secrets but I was in such a rush to get the rooms done in time before the deadline that I just didn't have time to add any.  (You can tell it's super rushed around the end as most of the rooms are just funnels that push you to the next location :S )

I have some plans for an extra location to visit, to wrap things up after the credits, that I'd love to add if I can find enough time for it.

Thanks for the feedback. :)


I really enjoyed this game!! It's a super-satisfying little challenge, and the final escape sequence is VERY tense and effective. I love the level design in the dark area, when I started I thought I had to make blind jumps into areas with spikes, but playing it thoughtfully I realized I could make my way to the bottom safely without guessing. 

Great job, this is a really complete-feeling package especially for something originally made in a jam timeline!

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Hey, I really enjoyed this one! One thing I liked about it was that it felt kinda alive - things like the Palfly meant that rather than just a direct progression of ability to ability it sometimes felt like you were losing stuff too. I liked that the PH blocks were sort of a trick and not actually the next item.

Having the two different jumps, one of which is usually too short and one of which is usually too tall, was really nifty and helped it stand out for me. There were a good number of novel feeling platforming areas here which is really cool given its bite sized nature.

All the references were really cute, I always enjoy seeing reimaginings of things and they managed to feel very unique. Were the eye blobs in the fan area a reference to something?

obj_e_bigchin was good. the spooky cutscene was tense but funny haha

Really enjoyed the music in the Dark. I loved how the Bio area's fog and graphics were designed to make it kinda tough to figure out what was dangerous - it definitely added to the ominous vibe. It looked great, and ended with a cool fight! Poor Palfly though.

Nifty idea on the final segment! I was really expecting one last part and was a bit thankful when there wasn't one, hahah.

Thanks for the save point signs.

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Fantastic game, really reminds me of Pixel’s works, and that’s a great thing! I loved how the gameplay felt like a combination of cavestory and metroid and a little bit of super mario bros 2 with that high jump, very enjoyable to move around and shoot things. I especially liked the fake out second boss phase where you get palfly. they did end up leaving me half way through the bio lab, not sure if that’s intentional or not.

The final sequence with the timer felt a little unfair with how floaty and loose the controls are, but thats just a small thing. 10/10, would play again.

I wish I could get the OST like with Plagued Station 1 :O

I dont know why, but the game was strangely motivating.


thanks so much for the kind words, it really helps keep me motivated!

losing palfly happens during the biolabs boss fight, although i don't think i telegraphed it too well

i wasn't expecting any interest in the ost, but i'd happily put it up for download

i wish you luck with your own projects, your style is right up my alley!