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it's the control changing feature.

If you press anykey when the controlset value is higher than 0, it will bind the control variables (global.leftkey, rightkey, upkey, downkey, and botton.) to the lastest key you have pressed.

Keyboard_string need to be reseted after binding it, so it won't overlap when changing other keys.

If you pressed shift for button in the control changing mode, you can start the game or fire laser by pressing shift.

sounds good, I decided to upload version 3.5 that added controller support.

version 3 had been uploaded.

It fixed some codes and there are more latters to help you understanding it easier.

Also there are some gameplay tweaks to make it more faithful to the original game.

For example, killing pods with smartbomb also kills the swarmers in them and give more than 1000 scores.

okay, then i'll make the version 3 that fixed all instance_destroy events and added more comments so people can understand the codes better.

which version of game maker are you using ? Is that game maker studio 2 ?

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if you exactly wrote "Instance_destroy()" it won't work. it should be "instance_destroy()".

I'm glad you liked it, but note that i have uploaded version 2.

In this version i have fixed bunch of design errors related to mutant takeover and lander's spawning, and i added control changing feature with variable save feature as a bonus. I recommend to use version 2.

Wow, This game is like a 3D version of Rescue raiders ! Thank you for making this great game free. But i hope this game was available on steam, Downloading games in is a torture...

This game looks great. I'll buy it when it's more polished.

Do you like helicopter games like choplifter or fort apocalypse ? I like them a lot, but I was disappointed that there are barely any remake / clone of choplifter or fort apicalypse, or even just a helicopter action game to enjoy today. So, i decided to make Golden Hornet, A game where you control a multi-role helicopter called 'Golden Hornet' to rescue hostages or destroy enemy positions.

In story wise this game is a prequel of my previous game Tujate, (defender clone without screen looping) where the second civil war was happening when Videl empire was a divided country.

There are Two game modes in This game :

1.Campaigh mode : a mode that plays similar to Fort apocalypse. you have to explore levels and rescue hosstages or destroy the targets. there are Total 7 Chapters and each chapter has 3 levels.

2.Arcade mode : A mix of defender and choplifter. in a completely opened area, you have to rescue as many hostages as possible and get the highest score. Like choplifter, enemies will keep generating, but they don't disappear until you kill them. so don't waste your time !

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Can you decrease the saucer (both big and small) sound ? They are too loud compared to other sounds. Also it would be good if the probability of dropping shield item from saucers was little more higher, or give just one more shield at start.

Since I have only 1 shield at start i have to farm shields by hunting saucers.

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sorry for too late repely. i was busy to make my new game that i didn't checked your game for a long time.the new update is great !! it solved all problems from the past version and new hexagon enemy is also fun. thanks for putting efforts on it, this is the best asteroids game for android now. i purchased the no ads version.

Nice omega race remake !

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This choplifter fan remake has beautiful graphics, but that's all. the gameplay lacks many things and didn't remade properly.

First thing to critize is the turning control. in original choplifter (include apple 2 and c64. i had played MSX ,SG-1000, and SMS  version but recently played c64 and apple 2 versions too), pressing turning(for c64 holding the butten) shortly to center the chopper, and keep pressing to turn it to the opposite direction. when the helicopter is centered, pressing the arrow and turning key to turn to that direction. but in this remake, not only turning speed is very slow, the chopper always turn in the pattern of center - right - center - left. It's very annoying when i want to turn to left but chopper turns to right.

Second is the lack of enemies. i'm not talking about SMS version which features new enemies, but the original apple 2 and C64 version.  Probably the developer had't know, but there are actually two kinds of enemies for jet fighters and saucers.

For jet fighters there are bombers who turn to drop the bomb and fly away, and fighters who hover in the air and try to shoot the helicopter with air-to-air missiles. and for saucers some saucers try to crash with the helicopter and some saucers dorp bombs and kill the hostages. In this remake you can only see bombers and suicide saucers.

Third is about the helicopter's weapons. the chopper's turret and bomb doesn't have any fire sound, which is just irony. Also the bombs doesn't affect by the helicopter's movement while it does in original. if you move forward and drop bombs, the bombs move to the opposite direction and disappears.

Fourth is the hostages' AI. in the original(include c64 and apple 2) the hostages stop and shake their hands when the helicopter is coming or safely rescued and moving to the office. however, when the helicopter is landed and waiting for board, they keep running to the helicopter for their lives. But in this remake hostages suddenly stop and shake their hands while i'm waiting for board, which is stifling when jet fighters or tanks are coming.

Overall, Choplifter 2nd sortie is far from good classic remake. the developer had to replay the classic choplifter seriously before starting the game. but the beautiful and smooth graphics are worth to be appreciated.

the best way is to give the players an option to resize the control pad so they can choose the equal size for each device.

 Also it's nice to hear that you are adding new features.

Some new enemies like hexagons from asteroids deluxe would be good. But if you are about to add hexagons, you have to tweak the contols too, because the control of this game is quite slow like asteroids than fast and stable like asteroids deluxe or space duel.

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is there any reason why you don't patch this game ? I don't think changing the size of buttens is really a hard work. Seriously, if the cobtrol pad wasn't that big, i would have bought no ads version because everything else are perfect.

But the buttens still appear when i touch them, and it's quite big. That's why i want to smallize them.

i think it's far from fast phased...

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Everything is fine, but control pad is too big that it covers half of the screen. this is a fatal problem as asteroids requires to look at the whole screen as the screens are wrapped. added a option to decrease the size, also portrait view mode with separate sections for control pad that doesn't cover the game screen would be good.

Thanks for enjoying my game! i never expected someone would leave a comment here.