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That's exactly how fuel regen works in air patrol mode. The fuel regen gets slower as you lose bases, and you can't get any more fuels when all bases are lost. (basically gameover unless you have almost destroyed all enemies)

But It seems I should increase the fuel regen speed.

that's probably the best option. I'll make a patch tomorrow.

to lift, you have to press X  and slowly approach to the cargo. If you slowly decrease the altitude and immediately go up after the cargo linked you can life it safely.

Parachuting is dead simple, just press E and  press S when you are falling (parachete can't be opened if you are going up, so press S several times until it opens.) use it. you don't need a complicated command.

I changed control method because of someone's suggestion, maybe I shoud revert it.

I couldn't find a way to make Thumbsticks configureable because they are not considered to be button inputs unlike other buttons.

Anyway thanks for reporting bug.

This game was actually made in 2019 but I forgot to uplaod it on for a year.

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Glad you like it! The missing pilot appears from sky with parachute after completing certain days. (2 on very easy, 3 on easy, 4 on normal, 5 on hard) he is not displayed on radar and you must find him yourself, if you find and take him to base you can earn an extra pilot.

Enemies shooting you after losing control is definitely frustrating, I agree. I'll make a small patch so infantries won't attack you if you lost little bird.

Fun game, but you should decrease max falling speed and gravity value. the falling speed is too fast that platforming is quite uncomfortable and throwing objects are also too fast.

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glad you like it. It was my first 3d game but unfortuately leaved being unfinished because there were too many issues to fix.

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No, I mean automically centering Xwing so I don't need to roll the ship all the time with pressing X and arrows. simple 3D space shooters that don't have roll control automically centers the ship.

Can you add enemy saucer that shoots player ?

Great game. It's very hard to find a first person space shooter with simple and straight forward gameplay without tedious rpg elements.

I hope there was an auto centering feature though

Quite fun. I hope there's an enemy that shoots the player, that would make the game more fun.

The game says I have the outdated version, it's obviously a bug.

It would be great if there was crouching to avoid enemy projectiles. Adding crouching adds more depth to the combat, like Elevator action or Rolling Thunder.

So nice to hear that you didn't adandoned this project ! Do you have a plan to release it on steam ?

It was because the game actually requires beating 5 archipelago. I'll fix it soon.

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BTW, would you finish kobo deluxe and kobo 2 after this one ? Appearantly all kobo series are unfinished which is a bit sad because I really liked your games. These games are too good to be leaved unfinished.

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It's very hard to find a helicopter action game with proper helicopter controls today, so It's nice to see a game like this. I hope I can set the graphic quality and configure the controller inputs.

Radar screen would be helpful too.

IS this game finished or cancelled ?

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I have purchased and played it. It's really awesome, It improved the gameplay of Kobo Deluxe and the presentation is sick. Obviously It's not balanced yet as the game gets unplayable in region 3.

I just hope it will be finished someday.

I was afraid if the project was cancelled, because I'm a fan of multi direction shooters. thanks for replying.

What's happened to the steam release ? Is it cancelled ?

I'll keep play testing and improve the balance, thanks.

It's mentioned in the Tutorial when you selected Sawfly Warrior.

Yes, You can deactivate the missiles by using it.

In that case you have to go C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Hornet_Virus and delete optionsave.sav to reset the settings.

Thanks, I forgot to edit the description.

Thanksbfor the report, I think I made a mistake because I originally made 45 missions but added 5 later.

Steel Alcimus has the strongest armor and 3 weapon slots, so it has worst fuel efficiency as a trade. But I think I should decrease board parameter and increase fuel efficiency instead.

For NOE, destroy SAM launchers or mobile AA missile launchers while flying lower than the half height displayed on the height HUD.

Could have been much better. Instead of throwing single fast asteroids, slower and multiple asteroids with saucers occassionally spawning from left or right to counter the player would make it much more fun, also feel more like asteroids. 

The controls are beyond annoying, why did you make the ship so sluggish ?

also seamless screen movement would haven better for this concept.

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This is the best asteroids-style game I have played in so far ! the concept is very fresh and fun.

But Is there a way to survive when you are in escape pod with no disabled ships to use ? I found it impossible to go any further once that situation happens.

Also Fullscreen mode would be good.

Ok I got where this error is coming from. I'll fix the error tomorrow morning !

I need to see the more detailed error message because I can't find the error like you did in mission 28.

please download Hornet Virus 1.9.0 test and play it, if the error is happened it will show more detailed description about the error.

That's really strange because the error doesn't happen to me. Is the error only happening in mission 28 ? Does it works fine in other missions or modes ?

Thanks for the report. Is it from single mission mode ?

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Yes, when you lowered the landing gear the helicopter's max flight speed decreases and you get more air drag that the helicopter becomes optimized for landing or air braking. Using direction pads for selecting weapons sounds good, I'll add that after the steam release.

Gunpod is infinite just like other bullet weapons.

Thanks for the suggestion, in tge next patch, I'll make the messages last longer or make every messages diaappear when the player pressed the required key.

I'm not planning to add multiple language support right now, maybe when I have extra time to work on it as it would require some changes in the code.

oh that's because easier difficulties reduces the number of objectives, but reducing it to zero is my mistake. I'll fix it soon.