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Karai17's Scrapbook

A topic by Karai17 created Dec 02, 2015 Views: 834 Replies: 9
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I'll be using this thread to post various 3D models I've made or am working on. I wouldn't really call myself a 3D artist, but I do a bit as a hobby. Feel free to let me know what you think about any of my pieces, how you would improve them, or whatever. All I ask is that you be respectful with your criticism.

I also have a not-so-up-to-date website where I post art from time to time. You can check that out here.

I'll start with an older piece. This is the first 3D model I spent any real amount of time on. It's quite primitive but I think it turned out okay all things considered. I wanted to make a magical girl staff, and so I did. I made this in Blender, like all of my 3D adventures. The orb in the centre is supposed to be glassy, but at the time I didn't really have much knowledge on how to render translucent materials so I opted to just leave it solid.

The next peace is an adaptation of the Magical Staff. I wanted to make a set of weapons so next up was the Magical Pitchfork/Trident. It's quite similar in creation and style so there isn't a whole else to say about it.


The final piece in the Magical Weapon series is the Magical Spear. This one I am actually a little proud of. I spent a long time working on the wings and I felt they came out very nicely. I also adjusted the footer to have a star shape instead of just a triangle cut out. The central star is supposed to sort of look like a clock, though there are not enough notches to truly be a clock.


I really like this one — to me it has (and I mean that as a compliment!) a Nintendo feel to it :)


Moving away from weaponry, I decided to try my hand at making candy. I wanted to learn how to do vertex shading, among other things, so Pirouline was a good place to start. With this, I started with a basic cylinder and twisted it up so that the polygons spiralled around. I then set the basic colours with the vertex paint mode and then spent a lot of time softening and smoothing colours. I also adjusted the scale of different sections of the spirals so that it looked more natural. Finally I adjusted the top and bottom so that they were not straight edges, making them a little more realistic. I think it turned out tasty. :)

I was having trouble making a candy cane, of all things. Every method I tried ended up not really working out how I wanted. My friend came to the rescue (after putting me through hell with the other methods) with just using a bezier curve and assigning a mesh to follow the curve. So simple. Afterwords, it was a matter of twisting a cylinder and painting it.


The final candy item I made was a a birthday cake for a special lady. This took me a long time to do and there is a good write up on my website about it. I think it turned out really well. :D

I don't have much to say other than your models are super cute and I love them c:

Thanks~ <3