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have yall tried using Parsec? thats exactly what i use for these sorts of game jam games!!!


I wanna know how strict the requirements are for this REMASTER jam! I am considering getting a group together, we have been itching for a jam to work on, but we also have a few newbies (brand new to gamedev) for this.

Maybe everyone will team up together and it'll work out, but I still wanna know: Is it okay if the game idea is something pretty common? Like remaking Tetris or Breakout, etc. Or possibly making a game idea from when you were a kid. The idea technically never existed, but, it's probably..... interesting, if you came up with it in childhood hahah.



This was so useful to read about, thank you!! I thought about modding the game after I played once or twice, and this is some good inspiration for that.

I've already added private channels for Ghosts and Investigators to plan their characters together, I think I'll invite my friends to the server early so people can chitchat before we play.

i am planning a frog getaway with friends now

thank u for the froggy goodness

I'm a Linux user and I generally assume things will work 100% with wine, thanks for this thread.

(Sokpop I'd love a Linux build if at all possible <3)

Same here, not available in my country

Can you give people the option to donate? I'd love to!

Wow, a Linux version? I wasn't expecting that, yay! I get to try it! :D

I don't have much to say other than your models are super cute and I love them c: