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Seamless music loops for all genres and styles of games
songs from empty worlds
90-minute Samorost Soundtrack from Floex and 170-page Samorost 3 art book with design drawings by Jakub Dvorsky.
The soundtrack to Everything !
A collection of CC released tracks by artist Nihilore for use in your game
65-minute Machinarium Soundtrack from Floex and 121-page Machinarium art book with design drawings by Jakub Dvorsky.
Music from Utopia
Official soundtrack to Heaven Will Be Mine by Alec Lambert
An hour of stunning acid jazz, trip hop, ambient, and classical music from Mondrian - Abstraction in Beauty.
Original soundtrack to the game sphereFACE.
Victima Original Soundtrack
Fun, soaring, pumping, melodic soundtrack for ULTRAWORLD
Songs released in a "Vulture for Nethack" mod, plus a couple new ones, remastered!
a free album of electronic music
An ambient soundtrack for a game that doesn't exist.
Free Electronic Game Music
Ambient Music for Horror/SciFi Games
The first Dark Ambient release from Luminiferous.
Free sountrack for your games
An immersive soundtrack alien tour - For sci-fi electronic music lovers
Soundtrack for your games
A collection of different Ambient and Techno Songs
Soundtrack from indie-adventure game "Qora".
OST to Tadpole Interactive's new SHMUP
The Soundtrack to the Audio/Text Based Horror, Angel In The Dark
music for the game Operator Overload
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