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full length digital album (MP3 / FLAC)
Victima Original Soundtrack
Songs released in a "Vulture for Nethack" mod, plus a couple new ones, remastered!
What a beautiful object...
Soundtrack to Devil Tower, an (imaginary) RPG from Japan. Created for #EPJam5
Cyber Soundtrack (Lossless)
20 Oriental tunes in WAV format
Expansive collection of sound design and soundtracks for horror games. Fully remastered in vintage audio.
The official CONCLUSE soundtrack, consisting of 16 tracks!
eclectic / lo-fi / old
Original soundtrack to the game AdvertCity.
The official soundtrack for the game 'In The Clouds'
A collection of different Ambient and Techno Songs
original soundtrack created for the sci-fi stealth-hack game, Retool.
A cinematic, dramatic, short piece of music mostly suited for main menus for games and trailers