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Did you take Yuka's Charm?  That's a factor in the "Naomi takes Yuka to the restroom" route.

Got a "Renderer Process Crashed" error when loading the game.

Curious about the error you got on floor 5. Can you go into more detail?

Fun you should mention that, most of the code in this project was taken from another project I'm working on. That said, I used this project as a chance to further along some things I needed to do anyway for that project. Basically, I'm definitely going to continue working on this. Thanks for the compliments!

(major reason the controls ended up so awkward was that the initial project wasn't designed with mobile controls in mind ^^')

The button on the bottom right is meant to be an interact button from another personal project that uses this engine, but the only event spaces I used were auto-activating anyway. I only didn't remove it for time, and because it didn't do any harm by remaining.

This is an interesting game with tricky gameplay. With some refinement, I can see this type of game going places. Perhaps a bit more leeway could be given, such as making the lizard's body hitbox a little smaller and the hand hitboxes bigger (for grabbing the wall). As well, make it so the player is clamped to the sides of the screen, perhaps?

The UI is a little squashed but otherwise fits the game. Gameplay is Space Invaders with barriers, an interesting take. As for that begin-DEAR GOD MY EARS! PLEASE turn down the sound effects! >.<'

Immediately, the UI is pretty basic. Aside from that, this game's visuals look decent. Animations look well done and give ample feedback, tho particle effects upon clearing runes would help. The lack of sounds of any kind makes the experience a little ... underwhelming? I'd also argue that it would be wise to try and speed up the game a bit. I also noticed that you can move pieces while they're still falling, which at first I thought was a cool combo mechanic ... until it glitched the game into leaving blank spots on the board and completely changing others. Maybe should add more checks there. 

Overall, an interesting system with potential if you turn glitches into mechanics, but it definitely needs some more work to be a solid game.

Also, I was able to score extra points while the results screen was happening, so that happened.

Not gonna lie, it was difficult to discern the instructions due to the colors of the text of the background. A panel behind the text would help.

The rocket not being animated in the slightest looks strange. Could help to animate the flame a tiny bit. Even mirroring that part for the second frame could help. I also had to force-close the game to escape the tutorial ...

The minimap was a nice touch, even if a tad unoptimized.  I think rotating the rocket according to the direction it's moving would have helped a lot in making this game look more cleanly programmed.

Red background for hardmode. Nice.

If you were to iterate off this, I'd say adding a radar that detects things a certain distance away from the player would go a long way.

That's actually an intended thing with the camera, meant to prevent it from clipping into the stairs. It moves forward before the player descends, then moves back into position after they're done climbing down the stairs.

The title goes behind the buttons, might want to move it further up.

Levels are very open, yet condensed enough that getting lost isn't an issue.
I ... think I accidentally found a button to skip levels tho while in the help screen. So there's that.

The music was well made and bouncy. Fits the game well. But why does it cut out when you get a powerup?

The sawblade was a little fast. Was surprised to learn it was an enemy by accident, tho.

More lives or a health system would have helped the game, as well as being able to replay the level directly, without needing to restart the game.

This has potential. Would be interesting to see a game like this with a larger open map split into sections, kinda like a Metroidvania-lite. Just give more mercy mechanics and more actions to the player, and you've got a solid foundation.

The artwork looks pretty sweet (pun not intended). It's clear you put a lot of charm into this game's presentation! 

I was confused at first by how to play the game, and wondering why the attack key wasn't working, until I played for a bit (on my second summon) and realized the attacks happened in "phases".  It would have helped to be more clear on that front, as well as potentially adding some visual feedback for when the attack phase will trigger.

The gameplay works, but it's pretty basic overall. All it is is dodging cherries and then tapping the screen every now and then. I feel like more can be done to spice things up.

The gameplay loop, however, I can see being addicting if the gameplay is fleshed out with more features and mechanics. 

The color switcher seemed unresponsive at times. It's also not really clear how battles are meant to be triggered. The description says they're supposed to be available when you have 10+ items, but I've been able to trigger battles with less items, and also been unable to trigger battles with more ... actually, that has me curious if you have a greater-than/less-than in the code that needed to be reversed.

It's admittedly annoying having no influence over the battle going on. Ie, berries are pointless to get and just waste a turn if you have none, so they probably shouldn't appear when you have no berries. on that note, using berries at full health is wasteful, so perhaps make it so no berries are used if the player is at full health.

The instructions said tapping the screen would fire a shot, but this isn't the case. Pressing spacebar makes the player character shoot and jump at the same time, making combat awkward. The sound mixing could use some work. I also got stuck on walls at some points. 

Testing early, I got softlocked in the beginning of level 3. I was clicking thru the text during the camera movement, so I'm guessing I skipped a trigger or something. Perhaps you can fix it before class begins?

Those patterns the game shows you during the box minigame are often not followed in the later levels. Makes those parts more frustrating to play than they should be.

Nope. :/

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Excuse me, I'm trying to apply this to my project, but I would like to make it only affect the background and tiles, if possible, not sprites. How would I change the code to accomplish this?

For the record, I have gotten it to work automatically, and with timers I've made it so it only shifts the hue a certain amount back and forth, it's just I don't know how to make it discriminate between sprites and background/tilesets. That's what I need help with.