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Hey there Cloud-J! I just updated the project files with a transparent .png of the sigil in question. :3 I hope you find it useful.

I'm a bit confused, would you like to have the blue or the green spell?

Hello Cloud-J, sorry I'm just seeing this a month after your post. What I understand is that you want to use a specific symbol from the samples in a project, is that correct? If so, could you tell me which one? I can make a transparent version of it for you. :3 

You're back! You're finally back! ♥ I'll give this a playthrough as soon as I can! 

Thank you so much for these demos Nathan! I'm checking them right away. :3 And thank you for all of your great helpful work, you guys are heroes.~

Hello Alice! Thank you for getting the guide. :3 There's a lot of things I feel like I could make clearer on the guide. In fact, I recently realized the main problem relies in that I'm trying to condense too much information in a single zine. I'm currently working on a dedicated zine just as an introduction for Alma Pulveris and then I'll make one just for cherubi. In the meantime I can tell you this: 

Akashic works like a language for cherubi but it's not a proper language like we know them. You could say they use the magic of the Akashic Melody to read, but they don't get a 1 to 1 relationship to what's "written" (Or drawn, as Akashic is basically squiggles) in akashic, but rather the thoughts of the person who wrote it, when they wrote it. So taking out your thoughts and putting them on paper is a specific skill not everybody has fully-developed as it requires a lot of concentration and control of your train of thought. Antigua Luna is the language that existed before the Akashic Melody, and that's one of the things I'm planning to expand on. I'm really really grateful you checked it out! 

I love this game so much! :3 Thank you.~ It's even more fun than I expected. ♥ It's beautiful both in art and design. 

Thank you so much! I'll do my best to keep putting more stuff out there.

This game looks pretty and interesting. :3 Imma try to play it although I'm a bit curious about how to use a playlist as divination, do I put it on Random and try to interpret the meaning of the Song in the game's context? :3

Thank you so much! ♥

Hello Jason? What's this delicious font you're using for the titles? 🥺 It's so beautiful.

This is the good kind of crazy.

Look at him go!! :O

Hello Monsieur Pazur! :3 I added some notes regarding how to play. Ideally it would have been explained in-game with a very cute character Anonymocha made for that, but unfortunately we ran out of time. 🥺

This is so precious! I've done this a couple times before, specially when I find myself alone in public spaces. I must have acquired some experience points without knowing. >:D Imma be great at this game. * dances *

Thank you for being so supportive! I just got it and already love it. :3

Thank you so much! It means the world. There were a couple features I couldn't put in towards the end, that's why it's a bit confusing. Each dice has a different chance of different reactions depending on your action and their current humour. 

Thank you so much! 🥺

This is so cute, I love it!

Very cool! :3 I wish this was further developed. 

This is so cute and precious, now I want to make a racing game just to have an excuse to use it. q w q

Thank you so much, this clears everything pretty well.

Thank you.~

Hello! I know I'm kinda late to the party but I just saw this in my feed. If anybody needs a helping hand drawing characters or coding some nodes (Gdscript or C#) just hit me up. :3 

I don't have a proper portfolio but you can see my SFW art in Twitter, or Instagram:


It's beautiful. <3 

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I bought it this morning and I've been playing with it but I can't figure out how to save a project in the gallery. x - x 

I try using the button called "Save Image" and the button called "Save as Prefab" but neither works. u - u The files are being saved in the "3Dimages" folder tho, along with a "data.json" file, so I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. 

This is for the 2.5 version. :3

Ooh, thank you for answering, and so fast! I love it. :3 

Oooh, it's beautiful, what engine did you use? And which font is that, it reads so nicely!