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Add animations to static images · By JITD

Problem Saving Files

A topic by Mo Zlaster created Feb 26, 2019 Views: 151 Replies: 1
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I bought it this morning and I've been playing with it but I can't figure out how to save a project in the gallery. x - x 

I try using the button called "Save Image" and the button called "Save as Prefab" but neither works. u - u The files are being saved in the "3Dimages" folder tho, along with a "data.json" file, so I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. 

This is for the 2.5 version. :3


Hey there. Thanks for the feedback, i will try to make it less confusing in the future, but for now i will try to explain it here:

Save as Prefab:

This work like this. You made all the adjustments to your animation, you like the result. So you press this button and create a name for it. Let's say "Jumping around". Now you can mess with all the animation values and if you want to go back to your old animation just press the "Jumping around" button. This way you can save multiple animations for your image.

Save Image:

This will save all your modifications and animations so you can close the app and load it again another time. Only the animations created using the "Save as Prefab" button are saved, the animation you was messing around while saving won't be saved, so remember to save it as a prefab before saving the file.

Load a image:

After saving a file, you can press the "Load image" button to open it again, if the image is not showing, this might be a bug, so let me know.


So, to create and save a file from scratch:

  1. Open gallery and select a image
  2. Draw shapes
  3. Render the image, create a animation using the configurations
  4. Save the animation as a prefab
  5. Go back to the first screen
  6. Press the Save Image button and set a name
  7. Load the image again pressing "Load Image" if you want