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Nice, I also like "A Good Day To Die" a lot, so i can see why you guys chose this one.  Very cool game.

Why this is not called  "A Good Day to Dice"?

Ok, now i understand. I like both ideas, will add to my list of stuff to do! Thanks for the help.

Thanks for the suggestions!

I will try to fix the touch and grab as soon as I can. The Cam Move problem should be a easy fix, will work on it as well.

I agree with more jiggle options, i most likely will focus on those once the bugs are fixed. I also have in mind some neat new features, but will take some time to make those.

Can you please elaborate your suggestion to select an area for the jiggly? Like having different settings for each area?

Feel free to suggest any new effects that you may find cool, i can try to add them as well. Thanks for the support!

Pic2Jelly 2.0 community · Created a new topic Changelog


  • Quality now affect the generated mesh quality, so on Fantastic setting, the mesh will be of great quality, but it may slow down the fps. (Original quality is in good quality)
  • Fixed some stuff in the "Load Image" option, now it can be used all the tools
  • Changed a little the Effects menu, so it work better in bigger monitor resolution.
  • Minor change in the fluids.


  • Improved record quality for WebM
  • Recording resolution can be changed with the "U" hotkey


  • Further improvement to fluid
  • Effect force can be changed
  • Effect speed can be changed


  • Improved Fluid render and collisions


  • Fluid test (Point with mouse, hold E)
  • Record can be done in GIF or WebM Format (R or T)
  • Added the option to set the Z index


  • You can record WebM files using the T and Y keys
  • Effects can be added with the hotkeys 0-9


  • You can now access the gallery with saved images from the app


  • Created a WEBGL Client, currently it can only show one image per player.
  • There is a new "Save image" Button to show the image latter on the WEBGL player.
  • To Use It:
    • Set up the image the way you want it.
    • Save the image with the "Save Image" button
    • Go to "3DImages" folder and find the created image
    • Copy the image.png and data.json files to the "3DImage" folder in the client.
    • Open index.html and test it out.

Hey, sorry for the delay, i had to finish the stuff i was making for v1,6

Can you try to download the x86 version to see i managed to fix this problem? Thanks

It show you any error or the software simply don't open?

If there is any error please copy here for me. I will try to see what can be causing this.

Hey there. There was quite a few updates after i made the Save/Load tool and i forgot to update it, sorry about that, i will try to fix it as soon as i can.

Giving more options for the Cam. Move is a good ideia, i will add this as well.

Been some time that i wanted to do more tools than the ellipse one, but is a little complex so i currently working in some easier stuff before getting to that. Right now i am trying to make it work with SteamVr, is a little hard because i don't have any Vr gadget, but i getting some progress.

I didn't made the first time to save the On/Off effects, but wil try to add this once i fix the save/load

You mean removing the white space in the left and right of the picture? I think i can manage, i will have to change some stuff in the code, so i can take a little time.

For now i improved the quality of the record, and you can chose the resolution. Gonna keep working on it later.

Sorry, i gonna do an update soon to improve the resolution for the records.

Hey there, will see what i can do this next week.

Multiple images can be tough, but for now you can put some images together with photoshop or any other software and import as one image.

Completely fair.  The important thing is to have fun with it.

Currently i am working on a way to create a json file to go with a .exe/webgl client to show and use the files in a easy way. If there is some special request you want i can try to add it as well.