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Sorry that the game would not start for you. It will run fine on a desktop chrome browser. What kind of device/browser did you use?

This is my top favorite of the Jam! Great addicting game play, good looks and super polished with lots of levels to complete :) <3

Cool game with a fantastic soundtrack :)

Good stuff, I first had some issues finding the green gems on the green world but as soon as you get moving it is good fun to play! Nice entry, I also enjoy how well it works in the browser :)

Light out is a really nice (and also a little hard) game. Well done! I really enjoyed the pure force the laser weapon has. 

Thats too kind! Thank you very much :)

Thank you! They were also a lot of fun to set up with the pixel look!

Whacky is what we're all going for, right? Thank you!

Thank you, feedback like this will push us when polishing the rest!

Thank you very much!

Visually and Musically this game is really interesting. The Text also adds to the feel of a fleshed out game. The controls where a little confusing for me on a laptop keyboard, and it felt inconsistent in the difficulty. But overall a very well done game. 

This is a fun game, reminds me a lot of the fun I've had with Icy tower. The power ups are a nice touch!

Really cool, the AI is good but not too powerful when you play our first rounds. Great game!

Really fun game, the characters are so cute and well done! 

Thank you for playing! Just 3 level right now, but we will try to add some games + overall score loop, to make it more worth your while :)

nice one, the soundtrack is fun and the mechanic with different charges is nice, but was a little wild guess for me first.

I borked a lot playing this. Good job!

Thank you for testing! I will look into the exit mechanism to drive out the SEGFAULT.

Also there will be a UI fix + Additional levels comming in soon :)

Yep. That is some serious flopping on the ears :D

Hi people,

I'm doing SUPER SNEAKER MAKER, take a look!

I usually do 3D illustrations and am now getting my way around unity so go easy on me :)

What is done so far:

  • I can control shape and color by sliders
  • I can generate random shoes


  • compare random generated shoe with slider shoe
  • flashy motion graphics