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DoodleBear's Secret Dev Log- Daikou-Buchu

A topic by Jack Of Yore created Sep 06, 2017 Views: 558 Replies: 12
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"Two dogs that can’t be separated? Delicious meat or dangerous bombs? This way or that way? Play with your friend/sibling/significant other/enemy against each other or cooperatively in this revolutionary game, where you can do both!"

Oh hey y'all, iv chosen Jukio Kallio's great  cover/idea Daiko - Buchu.

I don't think ill follow the description 100% and instead take the core idea of two conjoined antagonistic (but perhaps cooperative?) players and go from there. 

Coincidentally I have been working on a similar little project called "Wormo the tortured one" which featured a worm rather than a dog so i'll probably lift some assets from that. haha so I guess this could be subtitled "Doggo the tortured one" 

Anyway good luck everyone can't wait to see what gets made. 

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Got the Dog model done and in game. Includes wild physic stretching and dangerously floppy ears.

Also implemented it with some pre existing stuff like the trees/junk, thought bubble thing and a spherical world. 

One immediate problem is that the collision does not follow the mesh which means as doggo stretches the collider segments remain the same size. This means if stretched doggo's torso will pass through things.  No solution comes to mind so i'm putting it off for now. 

Yep. That is some serious flopping on the ears :D

Didnt get everything I wanted to done today, however knocked a few things over. 

Here's a gif of some clouds I added and a better depiction of size.

Still don't know what I want to do for some pretty core mechanic stuff so who knows how this is going to turn out haha. At the very least it should be fun exploring the world with a friend. 

Been having some personal issues and missed a bunch of time. Also made  some things I ended up removing so with 6ish days left I don't know how well this going to go... Still feels a bit rudderless as far as the actual goal of the game goes. 

I had wanted to do a sort of physics based adventure thing where you help characters and spread happiness. I don't know though.. it doesn't seem to be clicking. I think I might try something a little more straight forward. 

I have this mechanic where a objects can be infected with sadness which changes color pallette and maybe warps the model(not pictured). 


I was thinking I could use that idea for a more simple goal like:

 Dog must eat all the things spreading sadness. 

or flipped

Dog must eat all things happy and leave the world a dark husk. 

In either case dog is an interloper, driven by the players competitiveness to consumes it all .

This way itd be more straightforward and probably funner, I could still include some of the stuff I wanted but tangentially too. 

btw the gifs sped up.

First thing is a rocket you can pick up and use, second is a weird flower power up. Both can launch you into space and serve no purpose whatsoever.  

Dog's epic bounce at the end there was because of a glitch but it was beautiful so I left it in. 

Also I got the world map working which I kinda like, though it needs a little ui dot in the middle or something.

Anyway ramble over,  typing this out its become a bit clearer.  I gotta pull it together and get something done.  

Unfortunately i'm not going to be able to finish this. Really bummed but I don't want to put something half assed up.

 Ah well, looking forward to seeing the other entries. :)


I'm sorry about not being able to finish. I've been there and completely understand. What you've posted looks absolutely inspired so far and completely does the original cover justice.

Hey thanks I really appreciate that :)

Even with the extended jam time?

Probably not, though we'll see. Iv got some other stuff going on but if I can sort it out I might be able to get something in. 


Did an entry for this case as well, and stumbled on yours and your dog models look really fantastic compared to mine - how'd you get the stretchy body? Would be a shame if this can't be submitted in time.

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Hey thanks :D, I didn't have time unfortunately.

So to make the  stretchy dog :

- I made the full model in blender and rigged it. 

- Brought it into unity then de-parented each bone from its hierarchy. 

-Rebuilt the bone structure with unity configurable joints and colliders. Now the model flops around.

-If you want animations you create a sort of reference dog that is just a straight model that plays animations. You then have  a script on each bone of your stretchy dog which copies the position of each reference bone. Basically it just copies what the animation model is doing. 

- If you do it like this the stretching becomes a function of the joints. The main problem is that the colliders don't stretch, I have a convoluted theory for how I might solve this but for now I just disabled stretching. 

Also I forgot to make a post about the last thing I did on this.  I made this segment adding thing which adds new bits to dog, it gets pretty buggy but I though it was cool. 

In the gif its just adding new ones as I hit R rather than for an actual reason but you get the picture. Also they are all blue, they can be any color but for testing its just blue.


Thanks for the detailed explanation, the effect looks really good. Reminds me a lot of Noby Noby Boy