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I made a little tutorial on how to make ps1 style graphics: Video

You can. Refering to me is not required, but I'd greatly appreciate it if you do

this font is amazing!

I had a lot of fun playing this, but I think the theme of a signal could've been implemented in a more gameplay sense. otherwise great job!

Great idea, but there's nothing to incentivise you to play more efficiently. Essentially there's no difficulty curve in  the game

Hi! Thanks for the notice. I'll change it!

Great! Nice to see them used!

Thank You!

Yes of course!! With a mention!

Thank you!!

Thank you!! I try to design them to work well with eachother!

Haha. Thank you!

Thank you!! No problem

No you are!

No problem!

Hey! I really like the game, so I decided to mention it on one of my youtube videos! 

No problemo!

Do you mean the font used in the text in this post, or the font used in the title image? The font used in this post is the pixel font already available on, and the font in the title is made by me

Awesome! Brings back memories of playing that one flash game where you have to turn the rusty block around! Great work

Really Fun Game!

The movement on this game is based on where you shoot. There's no reason to add movement with WASD

Just wanted to say that everyone here is so nice!!!! Good luck on your game dev endeavors!!!

I really like the artstyle!!

No no there is a download

Oh my god. I'll have to fix it right away

These are awesome!!!

Awesome, thanks!

I had $14 in gross revenue showing in my dashboard.  I had itch hold the money, but yesterday i switched to direct payment. In the payments tab i can see the all completed payments and it shows all the payments which amount to $14, one payment is after the change to direct payment, and i have recieved the money on my paypal and that $2 payment is shown as gross revenue. On the payouts tab i can not initiate payment, since there is less than 7 days since i recieved that $14

Wowie gazowie 

Nice idea. Great way to make the game more interesting was the story! Good job!

The idea is awesome. At first i thought it was just a normal platformer but i was actually amazed when i got the idea of the game!

it was a part of the soundtrack. I noticed myself that the soundtrack synced with the running.

Oh but you didn't notice that the puddles actually disappear after you slipped on one! Thanks for your feedback though

No problem!