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Hmmm.  Okay.  Thanks!

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Okay I'll come up with a work around for this condition.  Thanks for the heads up.

Edit: Please do me a favor and open up the appmanifest_424030.acf file located in Steam/steamapps and tell me what it says under installdir.

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Very good to know thanks!  I have my steam on another drive as well but the registry points to that so its all fine.

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The next thing it's gonna do after the yellow text is find your WoR steam directory.  So the issue would be there somewhere.  Do you have two installations of steam or something?

Very cool, thanks Jupi!

Fragment Jam community · Created a new topic 2D Artist
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Are there any 2D artists that want to join a team?  We have a project.  We are a programmer/designer and composer.  email me at

Thanks for the comment!  We are pleased you like it!

Thanks for playing!  The levels do become progressively harder at Nitrogen.  So if you gave up at that point, you probably would have never made it through to see the end sequence.

Okay if you're good with it then I don't care.  I was just bringing that up since you said

  • Must start working on the game at the start date... No cheating please <3

So I assumed there was some strictness about it.

Anyway, let me know who you want me to give the key to then email me at

2D Platformer Jam community · Created a new topic Winner!

Well my game King Erik came in 3rd.  Thanks everybody for the vote!  The game that came in first, Night Light, was originally created for the Brackeys Game Jam (Night Light on Brackeys) and should be disqualified IMHO because it was written and submitted 1 day before this jam began.  Just sayin'.

Hey thanks for the comment!  In the downloadable versions you can change the key bindings.  I have actually been continuing it as I too feel it it can make a solid title!

Thanks!  I hope you do!

Loved it!  Nicely done.  Very unique theme.

Pretty cool little game.  I couldn't get used to the Z/X scheme though.  They felt backwards.  Z should lower gravity and X should raise it.  Well done though! :clap:

I like it!

Fun game.  Nice graphics.  Sometimes a little glitchy and the jump sound was an extraordinarily annoying ear piercing.  I couldn't take much of it.

Nice game.  I liked how the knight just keeps moving and you have to react to his whereabouts.  graphics are nice too.

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Yea sure.  I just mentioned the 3d2pixelart tool because it was a relevant tool to this jam.  I'm using it for my entry.  Not the SpaceRTSKit though.

I can donate some keys to my Unity tools if you want.

Zerk's 3D to Pixel Art Tool for Unity

I'm in!

If anybody is using Unity and needs a tool for rendering out 3D models to 2D animated sprites, I have a tool to help you out.  Also comes with a sample 2d side scroller scene to get you started.

3D to Pixel Art Tool

Why do you keep submitting this game to so many other jams?

Why do you keep submitting this game to so many other jams?

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Just wanted to remind you all that you can find a list of entries with the ratings.  handly little list to go through and rate.

My game Teachers Pet

Arcane Assembly community · Created a new topic Seriously?

Am I really the only one who submitted something for this jam? 

Thank you!  What do you mean by "rage game"?

Thanks!  Once you learn the shots, it gets easier.

Very nicely done!

Good game.  Dang zombies!

Good game.  Dang zombies!

Good concept.  I enjoyed it.  I like the stamping to the rhythm.  I was fun trying to make the dings fit in the tune.  Although Z, X,Z,X and so on got a bit monotonous.  I would have liked to see a switch up on paper types to throw me off balance.  Keep going with it!

The control scheme was WSAD which was the jams limitations.  Was that cylinder following me around supposed to be an enemy or a sweeper bot cleaning up after me?  Nice use of the NavMesh.

I like it.  Nice use of the dissolve shader on the boss.

I really like the concept of this game.  Reminded me so much of the arcade games I used to play as a kid.  Well done.

I had a good time playing this game.

Nice game.  Has potential.  The hand drawn art was very original and the game was difficult enough to make you keep trying.

It is a unique way of doing this type of game.  Not a bad start.  Keep going with it.  I found the controls and aiming very hard.  I kept clicking off the app and losing my place.  I'd hit the boss, the boss would hit me and we stayed about even up until I lost.

Switching the control keys every time you die was extremely painful.

Sufficiently difficult for this genre of game.