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Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks.  Yea Twit is a bit long winded.

I'm glad you liked it.  Thanks for playing!

It's something for only having been working on it for a day.

Really liked your game.  When I got to the crosses they kind tore me a new a$$hole but I made it through the game.  Thanks for making this!

Pretty fun little game.  Made it passed wave 5 yay!  I kept trying to figure out what loser made this game. :)

Okay now that makes sense.

This is not a tip, this is a request and a rather broad spectrum one at that.  Please, more details.

I see that 23 of you have already submitted your game.  There is still 4 days left so why did you not use all the time to make your game the best game possible?  That's why you were given 7 days.  I would rather play a game that was done in 7 days than one that was done in 3 days.

It's at the top of the main page.  Sacrifice to me says demonic, satanic, cult.  Not really halloween.  Oh well I'll work with it.

What do you all think of this theme?  Personally I was expecting something a little more Halloweenie.

... until I saw the part about no browser games.

Ah yea that makes sense.  Its the edge of the world and no collider there.  Thanks for the info.

haha I love it!  Thanks!

Thanks!  My audio guy had the time to make more sound effects, I just didn't have the time to implement them all.

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Thanks!  72 hours of zero sleep. 

Thanks!  I just didn't have the time to make some kind of hint so I started the game with the ant looking at the ant farm.

What exactly, was confusing?

Thanks and hey, you can give me $10 if you want.

I was planning on having a human child wandering the room with something like a can of spray but didnt have the time.

î  on the  dresser at the foot of the bed. 

Very cool, thanks Jupi!

Fragment Jam community · Created a new topic 2D Artist
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Are there any 2D artists that want to join a team?  We have a project.  We are a programmer/designer and composer.  email me at

Thanks for the comment!  We are pleased you like it!

Thanks for playing!  The levels do become progressively harder at Nitrogen.  So if you gave up at that point, you probably would have never made it through to see the end sequence.

Okay if you're good with it then I don't care.  I was just bringing that up since you said

  • Must start working on the game at the start date... No cheating please <3

So I assumed there was some strictness about it.

Anyway, let me know who you want me to give the key to then email me at

2D Platformer Jam community · Created a new topic Winner!

Well my game King Erik came in 3rd.  Thanks everybody for the vote!  The game that came in first, Night Light, was originally created for the Brackeys Game Jam (Night Light on Brackeys) and should be disqualified IMHO because it was written and submitted 1 day before this jam began.  Just sayin'.

Hey thanks for the comment!  In the downloadable versions you can change the key bindings.  I have actually been continuing it as I too feel it it can make a solid title!

Thanks!  I hope you do!

Loved it!  Nicely done.  Very unique theme.

Pretty cool little game.  I couldn't get used to the Z/X scheme though.  They felt backwards.  Z should lower gravity and X should raise it.  Well done though! :clap:

I like it!

Fun game.  Nice graphics.  Sometimes a little glitchy and the jump sound was an extraordinarily annoying ear piercing.  I couldn't take much of it.