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Nice destruction of the fourth wall :D

Btw it was a really funny idea, great job !

Thanks :) 

Thank you very much :) that's really cool !

Very funny game ! I'm very impressed of what you have managed to do in 48 hours ! Very beautiful graphics and cool idea too :)

Thanks you ! Glad to see that my weird pixel art animations aren't too bad :)

Thank you very much ! Yes I definitely realise that I could have added more possible stuff for the travellers to get but I was kind of short in time :)

That's good to know ! Thanks :)

I've played a few time to your game, and the last one ended by : 

Error  cards.lua:152: attempt to perform arithmetic on global 'insideman' (a nil value)

Traceback  cards.lua:152: in function 'nobility' battle.lua:130: in function 'mousePressed' main.lua:28: in function <main.lua:25>

[C]: in function 'xpcall'

The concept was kinda opaque as someone already said : I'm not even sure of what I'm doing after having played it a few times.

Maybe a little bit more of informations and explanations about the card's power and usefulness would have been very helpful for us to understand how to play and finish the game, because I didn't quite well understood the explanations of the differents cards in game.

Oh okay, I haven't seen that bit of text ! Thank you very much :D

Hey everyone ! This is the first Game Jam I ever participate in, and I was wondering, as I don't see any button or links to do that for the moment, how do you submit your game for the Jam ? Will there be a dedicated page or something like that ? Thanks in advance :)