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Submitted by Reshuu, Renoux
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Use of the Limitation#123.6003.600

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me and

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Use of the limitation
after searching a while what most bugs are victim of, we stumbled about parasites and fungi that can control its target's body. so we corporate it by making the player the parasitic fungi. An organism that only lives by controlling others? seems pretty evil to me...

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Very fun, I love enter the gungeon and this just itches that need to play more. The bullets were nice and varied and pretty balanced,I kept getting hit so i guess i suck at the game :'D but i really enjoyed the occasional power ups and loved how I could swap to different bugs to change my own bullet pattern. Extremely fun in that aspect. Good job I really liked this :)


i really enjoy this concept! i feel like the gameplay is a little laggy tho. the arts and the music are pretty nice.


I enjoyed it! The concept is pretty creative, and I liked the arts and sounds. It's really fun even though it's currently just endless killing. I'll be looking out for updates if you guys stay updating it :)


I really liked the main mechanic of switching to other bugs and also the music and artwork! Great job! However, I got stuck in a wall many times and couldn't really get the main purpouse of the game. Get x kills to win? Kill a boss to win? Overall, very interesting game!

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks! as for the condition of 'beating' the game, there is none (beside surviving) at the current build unfortunately because we ran out of time and don't want to submit late (we still submitted late haha) so we just rushed and finished the prototype to be at least playable.

Maybe after the jam we may try to polish and add new things to game! 


This game is really polished and I had a lot of fun once I got the hang of it! There are some layering issues with the walls though


Wow ! I really like the art and the music ! It definetly has the potential to become a full game with bosses fights and new mechanics ! Great job !


Really cool concept. Art and music are great! I'm looking forward to a more complete version if you decide to develop this game further.

Only negative is that I managed to get stuck on a door once.


Something unusual, I like it. Most of all, I was interested in the art and the general atmosphere of the game. This makes the game even more enjoyable!


This was pretty neat! Enjoyed the concept of the game, was fun to switch to the different bugs. Wasn't sure if there was another goal than just killing all the bugs though. With some more polish this could become pretty great I think.


Thanks! our final plan was to have a sort of boss after getting certain number of kills. But the ongoing typhoon here makes electricity unstable thus hindering our development XD

maybe we'll try to continue the game and polish it some time soon :)