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This is fantastic!

Very cool!

Oh my goodness!

The color scheme and dithered background of this itch page are beautiful!

This is fantastic work!

Hey this is really great!

Shut the front door!

It feels like this game was made specifically for me.

This is currently my 2019 GOTY. Thank you for making it.

Try again, and follow the instructions precisely. It only works if it you are precise.

I'm just crashing on purpose. I hope that's how you win. ;p


Not random at all. :)

Absolutely lovely! I want more.

I'm a big Bubble Bobble fan, and I love spoopy stuff, so this was great! I do miss the rewarding treasure drops from Bubble Bobble, though. I think that would add a lot here.

Conceptually and visually A+ ... but, I really find the control to be unworkable for me. I want the camera to give me much more of a window to speed up and slow down. Otherwise it feels like you are always sharing the same wave, and then the outcome feels random rather than skillful.

When I search for "fishing" I only get one page of results:

It is not clear to me how these results are selected, or why there are not additional results.

The tag view for the tag "fishing" is what I would expect to see, and much more useful to me.

However, the entry into that tag view is not obvious nor is it clear that I am not already in fact looking at the results for that tag.

Ideally, there would be a much more visible invitation into the fishing tag from these search results or perhaps when a search is an exact match to a tag, the search results should default to the tag results with some sort of "you are looking at the tag fishing. click here to search for the word fishing instead"

October 11, 2018!

Do you keep traveling backwards in time to before you started the time machine?

Agreed! And my research shows that in order for an entire group of people to travel through space and time, the instructions are even more precise and complex. :)

Please follow the directions exactly.

Pink frog is OP.

I love the retro 3d aesthetic! Very cool mechanic... Have you ever played the old Atari game Dragster? Another game all about shifting, but not as inscrutable ;)

Very, very sue-able... Does that mean you should get 5 stars or 1 star? I really don't know. Also very fun! That transition in/out with the CRT effect warms the cockles of my heart.

Could be and should be in an actual cabinet next to the original.

I absolutely love Missile Command... it is probably the most nerve wracking game ever. I think you should flesh this out... I think it has a lot of potential for local mutliplayer. Not sure how I feel about the unlimited ammo / constant rate of fire.

Hello fellow lover of snakes / NIBBLES.BAS!

Fun arena deathmatch game! The music and sound is absolutely beyond scrutability.

I love plunging to my death into the lava with my sister's egg. Heh. Wish I could knock an egg loose by hitting the ground from below, but the squishing is really fantastic. I actually LET the game go to a draw once because I wanted to see if the eggs would hatch into something!! :)

I had to play this since the original is one of my all time favorite games! The soundtrack to this is highly, highly inscrutable. :)

This is great fun! I was laughing really pretty hard... so satisfying to smack each other into traffic. Now I feel bad about myself... heh

I thought the charging was a cool twist, but I would have liked the length of time I charged to mean breaking through more boxes.

I love Bubble Bobble so much! You did a fantastic job of being dangerously close to the real music. I like the re-imagining of the dragon sprites and the quirky telescope theme, which somehow feels very cohesive. Controls were good, but it took me a few plays to understand the scoring.

Is this like the greatest Tails commentary ever made? Somehow the broken player controls only make it better. I don't want to admit how much time I spent trying to do the loop...

Love the crazy graphics and simplified golf game. Is the winning state broken? Seems like it is just first to the hole, not fewest strokes? It is actually kind of interesting to compete between the fewest, most accurate strokes strategy vs the just hammering as fast as you can at 1-2 power strategy... hehehe

I'm so glad this exists.

Yay! Another lover of snakes, NIBBLES.BAS, etc! I think perhaps your most sue-able decision is the title screen? hehehe... love that monochrome bitmap rendering of Worms characters.

Wowza.... procedural levels, pickups, different kinds of bomb effects!!! You really went all out!

Great level of polish!