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Hey all, looking to team up / join a team to contribute on the programming and game design side. I have experience with Godot and with GDScript especially so that’s what I’d like to be using. Just looking to get something small out. Discord username is yusdacra, timezone is GMT+3. Thanks in advance :)

Really fun game, I absolutely love the idea of this basically being reversed rougelite deckbuilder but instead it becomes a strategy deckbuilder. I was actually thinking how someone would reverse the likes of Slay the Spire and this honestly answers my question pretty well! I’m not going to criticize much stuff here since all I wanted to say has already been said in other comments. Thanks for making this!

Thanks a ton! Indeed it was inspired a bit by Downwell! About the movement, it did take some iterations to get to this state (it was worse before 😬). It could’ve felt a bit tighter IMO too but we didn’t have time to playtest more to do that sadly! Also yeah I agree with the font, could’ve been something better definitely, but we didn’t get to it in time lol.

I was thinking of adding an indicator but wasn’t able to add it in time sadly ;(

Pretty cool idea, although its hard to rate it with only 2 levels I did enjoy it a fair bit. Being able to spin portals is pretty fun to mess around with. It’d be nice if there was an indicator for the active portal, maybe a little arrow on top or via color coding the portals (maybe grey out one portal when its not being controlled?). I would definitely love to see more rooms!

Really fun game, and cute art! Flame dash is OP

Really fun and well polished game! My only complaint is the aiming felt too clunky compared to the rest of the game. Loving the cute main character!

Fun game! The controls were alright I think but I would have preferred them to be a bit more snappy, not really a major issue though for me at least. I really like the presentation of the game.

This was really fun and clever, really nice presentation too! Could be a full blown game if there was more levels (would definitely love to see it), already seems well polished otherwise!

Fun game, I liked the narrative a lot, playing with a trackpad was kinda hard but managed to get 62 love points on my third try!

Fun little game, gave me a laugh! I like the narrative and how it’s presented more than anything.

Interesting concept, but it feels frustrating to play sometimes and is confusing at first. My suggestion would be to let the little character leave some sort of trail behind so the player doesn’t have to memorize the route, or maybe give the player time stopping powers to pause the movement. Still pretty fun overall though.

This feels really fun to play and a cool take on the theme, love how much depth it has!

Zame community · Created a new topic Update linux build

Linux build is still on version 1, while Windows build is version 3.  Could you please update Linux build?

Doesn't run, version 1.3.0, Intel HD Graphics, tried all executables. DxDiag

This game is AWESOME. It reminds me of Factorio