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I am a 14 years old 2,5 years of coding experienced programmer. I would love to work with someone around my age and also love that alien idea. May I ask how old you are? I have read several books about game design and… I am really good at -coding full dialogue systems -implementing a system where choises affect the gameplay directly -programming core mechanics like movement, weapons, inventory etc. -writing a good story that adopts itself to the games atmosphere and mechanics.

Hey! I have 2 years of experience and I am 14 years old. I am good in unity c# and wanted to ask if anyone around my age wants to team up?

Hey! I have 2 years of experience and I am 14 years old. How old are you and would you like to team up?

Hello! I am 14 years old and I have 2 years of game development experience in unity and c#. I would like to team up with someone around my age, if its possible. Here is my discord: la_prima

Hey! I am 14 years old and would like to participate in the kenney game jam. I have 2,5 years of experience in game development. Would you like to team up @PirateRoman?

I am a 2,5 years of experience game developer. I am using the unity engine and work with c#. Anyone interested to work in a team?

Bir Oyun gelistiricisi Olarak oyununuzu cok beyendim. Eger sizin icin bir problem degilse bir feedback vermek isterim. (Türkcem iyi olmayabilir almanyada yaisiyorum.)

Grafikler: 8.5/10 Story: 9/10 Oyuncu ile sahip olan duygusal bag: 9.5/10 Optimisazyon: 4/10 biliyorum yeni basladin ama tek kötü nokta bu Renk kontrasti: 7.5/10 tekrar oynanabilirlik: 10/10 (farkli farkli bitisler var) Modellemeler: 8/10 Level Design: 6/10 (zamandan dolayi sikinti olabilir)

genel düsüncem: 7.5/10, ilk oyununa göre cok iyi.

nice idea man!


fast alles

Hey, ich find die Sachen, die du machst eig sehr krass, ich programmiere auch seit 3 jahren, mein spiel ist auf: Wenn du willst, könnten wir zusammen auf einem Projekt arbeiten!

Stark programmiert

Freue mich sehr auf euer Feedback!

Hi everyone, i would like to know how everyone is creating trailers for their games. What you have to do is just typing this; Here is my Trailer:


really cool!

I would like to create a game trailer, i did it before: but it is not nice. Are there any rules that are speficly important by producing a trailer?

What do you think? Can I add something to the trailer?

Hey! Thank you very much!

Hey! I hope you are doing well. I had a question. There are lots of sites where you can download paid unity assets for free? Is it ok to download from these websites? Is unity able to find it? Bye!

do you have any ideas for that? this is a game that i made for you guys for christmas, i want to add something, do you have any ideas?


HI everyone,

i would like to do an experiment and look how many fallowers i can get in one week. PLZ fallow me if you see this.

wow, really cool!!!

that is a very cool game!

it is so good!

it is perfect!

really good game

really cool

Hey it is really cool. better than my project the lost son!

really cool.