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Yu Jo Studios

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I would love to look to games that go endless. Bye.

HEAVENSCAPE community · Created a new topic SO COOL!

A really good game that i advice to play everyone!!!

wow perfect!!!

interesting and cool

really cool!!!

I have a question, i want to buy these assets and use them for commercial projects but when you update these assets, am i able to download for free because i have bought it earliyer?

OH MY GOD! It was just what we needed. A BIG THANK YOU!

Hey, we programm games since 2019 but we have published our first game the lost son on google play store, but we don´t know how we can get downloads and what can we do to get 1000 downloads? YuJO STUDIOS

Wow personally i think you did a great job. Well done and keep going!

really cool! Am I allowed to use this asset in a game that i want to publish and can i write your name in credits if i am done?

Actually really good for a first game! Well done! You can check out our projects as well they are not even close to yours.

really good game!!

wow, really cool!!!

that is a very cool game!

it is so good!


it is perfect!

really good game

really cool

Hey it is really cool. better than my project the lost son!

really cool.

really cool

really interesting and cool!

very cool!

i think, your games are fun and you are talented what about taking a part in our competition:

really cool, i think you are very talented, maybe you could take a part in our competition:


Cool, i like your projects, maybe you can take a part in our competition:

really cool!

HI! Your games are so awesome, maybe could you share my game to others? because i wasnt able to reate a big communuty like you.