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cel7 community · Created a new topic Sound effects

Hi! Is there any way to play sound effects with cel7?

Thanks for such a comprehensive feedback!

Sadly, there are no sounds in the game. :( I spent too much time implementing lane merging and splitting, none of which ended up being wired in the game.

Aw, thank you! :) Yeah, skitching mechanics turned out a bit confusing. :( I'll do something with it after the jam is over.

GameDev is educational. :D Thanks for a feedback, the game will definitely receive a post-jam update or two.

This game looks cool and polished. Clever concept. :) It may be interesting to add procedural level generation to it.

Thank you for a reply. :)

To be able to skitch, skater must be right behind the car, close to it's rear bumper. I maybe tricky since cars decided they can spawn wherever they want. :(

Немного баланса этой игре не повредило бы. Так и не понял, что можно делать с людишками. Динозавры прикольные. :)

Как достать соседа про кота? :) Интересная идея! Кат-сцена в начале - просто космос!

Какая же она милая! Удивительно простой, но приятный геймплей, трогательная история, восхитительная графика и музыка. Правда, немного затянуто - на второй раз игра чувствуется немного более нудной. Отличная игра для джема!

Графика и звук хороши. Возможно, стоит уменьшить хитбокс для персонажа, ибо хвостом убиваться о шипы совсем не весело. :(

Классная музыка, интересный геймплей. Возможно, было бы удобнее стрелять на левую кнопку мыши.

Симулятор зерграша? :D Прекрасное исполнение, приятная графика, звук просто огонь!

Интересная идея. Мне понравились лоупольные модельки и музыка на фоне. Однако, на моей машине игра жутко тормозила. :(

Привет! Очень рад, что игра зашла. :)

Сейчас основная наша задача - дожить до лета. ':D Где-то в середине лета мы продолжим разработку. В планах: больше уровней, новые команды и эпическая схватка с боссом.

Thank you, Calvin! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

Perks of having a dedicated artist. :) You may check out her other stuff if you want:

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Yay, this is the first time we fail to even finish the game. Surprisingly, the extra day on Ludum Dare makes quite a difference. =( But, sure, post-jam version is coming! Can't just leave the game hanging.

As for winning condition, well, this supposed to be a horizontal scrolling game with a colossus as the final boss.

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Can you re-upload it, please? The archive lacks Data folder, but has a redundant dll file.

Hmm, I didn't think about the importance of hard drop. Maybe in the next release we'll add this feature to the game. And you are not the first person to want a speed boost for Snake. =) The only thing I am worried about is the impact speed boost will have on the balance of the game. Although, I suppose it worth trying. Thank you for suggestions!

Thanks for playing! =)

Snake doesn't die when it's turning into self, it's more a feature then a bug. There are several design problems with a snake's abillity to cut itself and it also can make a game too difficult.

Have you tried holding 'S' playing Tetris? This is the only way to speed the block up. 

About the score table: excuse us for this, I have just uploaded a patched version. Also, mind that score table isn't global, the game stores it in your browser, so don't hesitate to share your record. =)