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Hey, thank you for your comment and your feedback!

I’ll continue working on jumping mechanics and gravity on my character controller so thanks for pointing it out.

Also, it’s great to hear that you liked the atmosphere since that was what I was mostly trying to achieve.

Again, thank you for playing!

Don't worry at all, this is a nice game, I'm just nitpicking the little things :)

Also give a try and rate my game if you can!

This is a really hard game, I like the art style and the atmosphere it brings but using the jetpack can be unreliable, given that there are some places you can't reach to enemies to refuel. Also walking on slopes is pretty much impossible. Though you could make this game pretty fun with some balancing and playtesting.

I like the character and the little interactions you have throughout the level. Could increase the distance it takes to hide the dialogue boxes, because they disappear the moment I jump instictively. Other than that, this is a short but nice game!

Feels pretty similar to your wolf game prototype! I like the ugj signs and the sound when you collide with them :) Lighting's also pretty well, gives a pretty atmospheric vib

It was fun to make rocks go flying away with one single click, and you being small adds to that. I would love a rocket jump as well, but this was fun as it is!

I liked the size mechanic, losing and gaining water gives depth to gameplay and it could be elaborated on even further. I also liked the animal crossing/undertale -esque voice acting. Good job!

I like it! Nice atmosphere with huge walls and color choice. Sounds kinda did hurt my ears a bit, but with a bit of volume down it was a good game to sit through. Nice job!

Nice idea using chemical facts as game rules! I like the concept, menu and music. But input checking seems to not work in some frames and physics can be weird. Still, I liked it!

Fun game! The particles, sound and gameplay connect so well, and for a game with a small scope it's done everything great. I don't know how it connects with the theme tho.

Makes sense. I could have increased the ways in which you could interact with stuff with your arm.

Though if I had the time... I were to even double the levels! But I get it, quality over quantity...

Thanks for playing!


I made the platforming level at the last day, but even something that little changed the "taste" of the game a little bit imo. Would have absolutely added a few more levels like that if I had the time. Thanks for playing!

Noted: Find a music guy next time :)

Thanks for playing and commenting! I did have more ideas about narrative stuff: You were supposed to be a robot with a metal arm and you're escaping from a lab facility, sadly I couldn't make it work with the time I had, so this is all I could come up with. 

I did leave behind my arm multiple times while playtesting as well, gives you a rush :)

As a solo entry it was really tiring, I'm also a guy with a really busy schedule, but publishing the game even as it is had me feeling great.
Thanks for playing!

Hey, thank you! I never come up with good music with any of my games, maybe that's what I should work on. Also, like you said the prototype textures shouldn't really be there, it's mostly about time constraints... thanks for playing! :)

Thanks! Fps games are my go-to, so expect more stuff in the future!

Thank you! I loved working on it too.

Nice mechanic, wish it had a bit more values to tinker with and a lot more levels. 3/5

Loved it! The atmosphere with the fog and block based levels look great. However, i think the puzzles (the platforming, minesweeper-esque puzzle and the image shifting puzzle) take a bit too long to solve, and the way they increase playtime can frustrate players. Don't forget to balance stuff up in games, like how there is a puzzle sequence after an action sequence in some games (given that this game isn't based on action, this example might be a bit far-fetched). You could show your story, or let the player be free with the environment, just to equalize the puzzles. 4/5

Cool short game, i liked little roleplay details such as entering your name and a few dialogue options at the end. The movement and attacking reminded me of ape out. With improved visuals and more ant types and weapons, this could be a really cool game. 3.5/5

A really great arcade shooter! Hits feel juicy, controls are great and bullets are powerful! I really liked it. Here are a few changes you could make to improve the game (my opinions!) : I think enemies should telegraph their shots, the player would be able to take action towards the bullet easier, even if it's to run from it or shoot it. Even a telegraph like a frame of animation or color change for a really short amount of time would be enough. I'd also love a hard mode where enemies are more aggressive. In conclusion, great game, this small-scope shooter made me have a lot of fun. 4.5/5

Woah, you're the first to make a gameplay video out of my games. Thank you!

Thanks! Yeah, when i was playing through the levels i kept telling myself that this game was in dire need of sounds, i just couldn't in a small time window. I'm really glad you liked it tho!

Hey, thanks a lot! Maybe that's what I'll try next...

Great game with a lotta character! The humor was cool and I also liked the music.

Reminds me of the old flash games i used to play as a kid! Really cool character, and I loved tinkering around with the sound at the beginning! Just one thing, I found sharp maneuvers kinda hard with the ship.

Hey, if you haven't already, take a look at our discord server, we have a team-up channel where people are looking for others to work with.

Nope, it will be seen as a submission to X jam, but you are %100 entitled to your own game, and don't give the jam any rights on your game.

The criteria are Overall Enjoyment, Gameplay Enjoyment, Audio, Overall, Use of Theme, Visuals and Creativity.

Yeah I was thinking of lowering Ro’s health to compensate for that but I didn’t wanna kill the fun.

Loved the game, so much polish and I also love the atmosphere!

Loved the game, so much polish and I also love the atmosphere!

I like Ro the most :)

Thanks a lot! The "ghost" is actually a fish, but without context its not that hard to think of it as a ghost. Thanks for playing!

Loved the art, level and enemy design but the gameplay is sometimes weird. I feel like I died for no reason at all, and sometimes can't figure out where I should go, because levels don't load when touching an "Objective".

This game... I'm telling you, if you polish it up and add  more levels, and I'd pay for a game like that. The level design and position and locomotion of enemies just click, you try to move while factoring every obstacle and enemy, and the sound effects are perfect for the style of the game.

Great art, really like the card-like design, and also loved the nes styled 8-bit music! Great job!

I totally love this game! I love it that you write to attack, and I loved the enemy design. The only thing kinda "lacking" is that the overworld looks kinda blank after a while.

Really like the transitions, but the motion tracking on android could be better. Overall, good experience!