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Fun game overall, I wisht there was a way to gain ammo if you run out and still have bugs around. Otherwise I thought this was pretty neat, nice job with the animations and assets.

Contols worked pretty smoothly and having the flashligt and gun combo worked pretty well.

Well done!

The puzzles are VERY well designed.Very interesting mechanics, I found this to be very innovative and challenging. Very fun when you figure out how to solve a puzzle, feels very rewarding.

The only thing this game is missing is more robust assets and animation. But in terms of gameplay this is one of my favorite submissions and this deserves alot of attention!

Great job working on this, very clever puzzles!c:

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Definetly a very different uncommon selection for the genre which makes this standout! One thing that would really help improve the gameplay would be switching up the movement from following the player’s direction and moving forward to more traditional left,right,up,down movements with W,A,S,D. It was a bit disorienting to get used to those controls at first so I definitely think this would help.

Good job for putting this game together and creating a cohesive gameplay loop, that takes effort and time!

Keep it up! c:

I never thought I would get to play a game that simulates my day to day work. It was a bit slow at the beginning but definetly picke dup pace and made it tough to keep it going. Interesting take on the theme, and a clever way to incporate the theme.

Well done!c:

This was a very cool game, super innovative mechanics and I played it all the way through and really enjoyed it (despite not being a programmer hehe).

One thing that I did stuggle with was that I had to take alot of leap of faiths because I could not see where the next platforms are situated because the camera was too high up. Visibility of the platforms was especially difficult during the lava/smoke area.

All that being said that could easily be improved on that pales in comparison to how good and FUN this game is. I hope everyone takes the time to play this game because its honestly such a refreshing and unique take on the theme. Overall a stelar job!

Keep it up! C:

Very innovative way to indicate movement, I like that you used a completely new approach and ditched the visuals completely. I think this is very interesting and makes for a very interesting concept that should be further explored.

I wish there was more of the story/about the characters that was revealed througout the monologue to keep enticing players to mover forward. I think this has so much potneital, especially from a designing for accessibility stand point.

I’d delve deeper into this if I were you, this is a great jump start for a solid game.

Great job! Looking forward to seeing more of your work someday!C:

Very cool and innovative game, it took me a while to understand that when the mouse gets hit it affects my HP - Maybe telegraphing that better would help. Otherwise this was honestly super fun, love how you stuck to the aesthetic and committed to it.

Very polished and aesthetically pleasing, amazing job.

I can definetly see people going back to this game and trying to best each other with their scores! c:

Very unique genre selection for this theme, I couldnt make it far enough to exploit a bug unfortunately Ièm not especially good at endless runners.

I think one thing that would be cool is if the speed of the jump matched the speed of the left and right movement. The jump felt a bit slow and I think it could be very fun to use if it were a bit quicker and snappier.

Nice job putting this together and good luck with the jam!c:

So glad you love my artwork and animation! I definitely had some fun making that crouch animation hehehe.

Thank you so much money! your support means the world to us!

Thank you for playing our game and taking the time to write such a thoughtful comment! Appreciate that A LOT.

I definitely agree about the mouse control, I personally had a hard time with it and had to adjust the sensitivity to make the game a bit easier for myself. We should totally look into locking the bounds and smoothing out that control in the near future. I’m so sorry about that bug you encountered :c I’ll let our devs know so we can make sure to fix that next time around! c:

Thank you!!c:

Thank you so much! So happy you love our game!

That bug seems to be fairly common, we’ll definitely need to fix that up once the jam is over. Thank you for playing regardless of that c:

We’re so happy to hear you enjoyed our game, I really appreciate you taking the time to write out such a thoughtful comment!

We’ll work on fixing up those bugs post jam, we definitely have a few issues that need to be improved in and getting all this feedback is extremely valuable c:

hahah we got a few comments mentioning this would’ve been great for the 3DS

thank you so much for playing our game and your kinds words!

Thank you! Glad to hear you’re a fan of the work we put together c:

thank you! so happy you like our art c:

Thank you so much for taking the time to play our game and leaving such a thoughtful comment!

I agree 100%, if we had more time we would’ve spent it on making am accessibility toggle to remove the wiggling or slow it down a bit to help with legibility. Unfortunately we spent the last few days of the jam rushing to get things done and killing as many bugs as possible haha.

thank you again! c:

aww thank you so much for the kinds will!! yes I totally agree about your comment - also about locking in the bounds for the mouse, we should definitely do that if we revisit this game!

Thank you for playing!c’:

Thank you for taking the time to play our game and leavig such a thoughtful review. I agree with your suggestion, we will definitely get that in a patch post jam!c:

So glad you love ou art and game idea! The minute we came up with it we just ran with it hehe. Oh no, sorry about the bug! We’ll try to get that patched up post jam, ty for letting us know, very appreciated.c:

Thank you so much for taking the time to play our game! Looks like a few people have come accross that bug, we’ll try to patch it up post jam, ty again! c:

Thank you for your kind words! So happy you love all aspects of our game, we put alot of effort into it. Played your game and it was absolutely lovely, beautiful artwork, great concept and overall fun puzzle mechanic. Hope to see more games from you soon!c:

WOW thank you Mimzy, your relentless support always keeps us going. We APPRECIATE you <3

Really appreciate your kind words! Yeahh we’ve got a few bugs in the game unfortunately we’ll try to patch things up post jam, thanks for letting us know and thank you so much for playing our game C: I’ll make sure to checkout your game tomorrow!

Love the art style and concept behind this. This game does a great job of crafting a good user experience with the tutorial set-up.

As mentioned in previous comment the physics of the net/jump made it a bit difficult to navigate at times. Despite that this is definetly one of the top games i’ve played!

Great job - all the effort put into this really shows, very polished! c:

I’ll share it in the hidden gems section of the game off discord - cause that’s exactly what this game is c:

So happy to hear you enjoyed our game! Alot of effort was put into the dynamic text, our two devs are goated c:

Thank you so much for your feedback! I definitely agree about the mouse, there’s actually a sensitivity setting if you press on ‘esc’ to adjust it. I know I had a bit of hard time until I adjusted it!

We’ll look into fixing those issues with the dialogue, thank you so much for taking the time to play our game. c:

So glad you liked it! Thank you so much!

This is by far the best submission I have played through for this jam.

The art style and general direction was spot on, so much effort went into this and it really paid off. Kudos to everyone involved in putting that together because this is simply beautiful.

One thing that could be added if this is revisited would be to make the gameplay a bit more responsive, I wish there was better indication for the stage door and I wish there was better button feedback when accessing different rooms. Adding some sort of mechanic in the game would’ve made the gameplay a bit more interesting.

That being said, that criticism pales in comparison to how amazing this game is. Hands down the best concept for this jam. Big fan of this and I really really hope you all keep working on making this a full game. This has a lot of great potential and you all must be very skilled and talented individuals to put all of this together.

Great job - Y’all deserve a top spot! c:

The animation were stellar, very nice job with that. I had a hard time deciphering what room I was in and how to keep track of that with all the needed backtracking. Maybe having a map or more distinct landmarks might help with piecing things together.

I think this is a great submission with a lot of potential if you chose to explore this any further. Really love the bugging mechanic to listen in on conversations, I like that it offers visbility but I think being able to pick up info through dialogue would have also helped add another layer of innovation.

Overall this one of my favorite submissions so far, excited to see more from you hopefully!

Well done c:

Definitely very challenging gameplay - I though the artwork and overall direction was great, very unique and stands out. Big fun of the art choics made.

I played both the cocktail game and the sound matching one. For the cocktail game I think making the size of the ingredients smaller as well as the cup, utilizing more of the screen space would help with the controls - I do think that having the bugs on the side asking for their drinks makes for a beautiful visual element but perhaps making them smaller to give users a better experience would improve that bit of gameplay.

I think this overall style and theme interpretation has a lot of potential, and I would love to see what you all can put together with more time and iteration. Great job guys, kudos on all of this work, from the font chosen to the wording of things.

This was a very good stylistic decision, y’all deserve a pat on the back. c:

Very cute assets, well animated and polished game! If you were to revisit this game, one improvement I would suggest is to look for ways to introduce new elements on this genre. Its obvious you’re very skilled at putting together very plosihed games so that could be a thing to look into in the future.

I couldnt make it past 9999 points though :c thats a score only the most MLG folks can attend, i’ll keep trying!

Great job, keep it up!c:

The little scarabs are very cute! The riddles were very fun -

In the fighting system, it would be a bit more intuitive if there was a pointer to help you see where your cursor is and having the outline around the characters be more bold. Occasionally some characters would be hidden behind certain assets like palm trees which made it difficult to see how much health they had left. Also I dont know if I missed it, but it would be nice to have a way to end your turn as is customary in these kinds of fighting mechanics.

As mentioned earlier, its very impressive how much complex work was put into this game. A lot of effort and it shows. Kudos to the entire team!

Keep it up c:

Oh no! I’m sorry about that bug - I will try out the updated version, thank you for fixing that so quickly! Very dedicated, you love to see that. Them bugs do happen, lord knows we’ve got plenty in our game unfortunately (we’ll just call them features though hehe) :D

This was a fun little platformer! Played all the way until the very end, loved those little fireworks! One thing that would work better given the genre chosen for this game, would be if the jump was not so floaty, usually with platformers having a more snappy jump tends to feel better. It would be nice to also track how many coins are collected on screen - would make for a good way to show progress or even high scores.

This was a very good submission, very cute, lovely work putting all of this together and I hope you both keep making games! Makes me happy to see so many wonderful entries.

Keep it up!c:

The puzzle were super fun, this was really well put together, its so good I was hoping for more levels! Loved the spin on them big tech corp names he he he.

What would be a nice touch to add, is to have a visual indicator when stepping on a colored tile. The SFX works well to indicate its been stepped on but adding a visual would help solidify that. Otherwise this was an awesome submission. Great job getting this all done on your own!

Very Impressive!c:

Beautiful artwork, I love the environmental animations with the flowers moving with the wind and the waterfalls. Very nice touch.

It would be nice to have a way to represent player health, I wasnt too sure how much HP I had left. The camera was very high up my screen - I did play in fullscreen mode but I had to take alot of leaps of faith as I was unsure where I would be landing because the camera would not properly telegraph the position of the next platforms. This is a very well put together game.

You should all be very proud of what you’ve put together, it has a lot of potential and is a great stand alone piece!

Kudos!! c:

The game was very challenging for me! I think what wouldve made it a bit easier was of W,A,S,D directed the tank in those directions rather than the direction the tank was facing. I might’ve missed it but I wasn’t too sure what the bug element was but maybe that happens later during the levels since I couldnt make it too far because I lack MLG skills :c

Nice work getting this submission out - Will def try it out once you adjust the difficulty, nice work!