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Nice Game, You are the best developer in CopperCube community

ArcadeBox is an open source easy to use visual scripting game engine inspired by both GameMaker 8 and BuildBox

instead being an advanced game engine for complex games, ArcadeBox focuses on simplicity and ease of use, it offers visual scripting and a powerful C-Like programming language for advanced users called ArcadeC that is backward compatible with GameMaker's GML 

 Download Link :

$135.50 gross revenue 

10 payments

13.3 k views



most of my money came from my assets and tools

seriously for a engine that is under 20mb this is extremely powerful and useful

thank you so much developers for making this engine, i love it

nice work

Experience the classic card game Uno like never before with the Uno GameMaker Engine! This meticulously crafted digital adaptation faithfully recreates all the mechanics of the original Uno game, providing hours of fun for players of all ages.

Legal Disclaimer:

This Uno GameMaker Engine product is sold as a codebase only. The data within the game, including sprites, audio, assets, and sound effects, are provided for free and are not part of the purchase. By purchasing this product, you agree that you are acquiring the data for personal use and customization purposes only. You may not redistribute, resell, or use any of the included data with the engine for commercial purposes. Any modifications or additions to the game's data are your responsibility and should comply with all relevant copyright and intellectual property laws. The seller takes no responsibility for any unauthorized use of the included data.

Great robbo

if you are using gamemaker I made an complete asset pack for that

My Voxel Renderer in GameMaker is a powerful and versatile tool designed to bring three-dimensional voxel-based worlds to life within the GameMaker Studio environment. This custom-built renderer leverages GameMaker's capabilities to create immersive voxel landscapes, characters, and objects for your game projects.

A Voxel Rendered Terrain