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I am glad someone is finding joy in this game, its been a long hard process lol

I am reworking the entire mothership level, and I should be done with DX within a month!

hello! yes, anyone on steam/itch who bought it will receive DX for free! Also I do have a relation to bob as a character, I personally knew the dev and we were good friends lol

a 3d platformer inspired by toy story 2 on ps1/n64!

Huh thats odd, maybe refresh?

I would love if you reviewed my 3d platformer!

(note : some spelling/ grammatical errors in the story, also final level is a bit tough but beatable)

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A still from my finished 3d platformer inspired by toy story 2!

thanks for the comment!

a new version has been released fixing some of the issues

oddly enough i smoothed the camera up very quickly now when you hold down it doesnt freak out NEARLY as much

really appreciate the criticisms and taking your time to tell me

did you enjoy the levels? theme wise and stuff!

tell me what you think guys!


thanks for playing! the camera is intentional to mimic the older style of cameras! 

it takes practice but you can do it!

thanks so much!

thanks for the free itchio version Color!

excited to try this!

excited to play this!

really been enjoying the game i made this xD

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may the game dev gods look upon thee

No problem thank you for being such a cool dev and caring about  your projects. Really love your work so far

wait maybe its just the "world" rendering in for the first time i think

Hello! Im having an issue with "a sense of pieces" im on a i7 7770 and GTX 1060 and i get major studering in the maze any way to fix this?