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Really fun!  Controlling the ship was a blast and I enjoyed pinballing off of walls as I lost control.  It's pretty simple in terms of presentation, and the two-tone cave system is kind of boring to look at.  It would have been nice to have a little extra color or details in the rock.  The sound works is really excellent in this one--you have awesome effects that are very impactful, and your wife's music is too.  The final task of getting the key was really fun, having to use your speed and force through the barrier. Very rewarding once you figure it out.

My only criticisms are that your text sound effect is a bit too loud, and that the rocket speed/velocity information looks more like debugging info than a UI element.  Though, I like the idea of it a lot.  Good work!

Thank you so much!

Thank you very much!

Thanks!  I checked yours out!

I love the crazy energy of the higher levels, the cute variety of weird sprites, and the particle explosions.  The final boss looks awesome.  There are some things to fix, though: you have to click way, way too much, especially since it's impossible to charge up when you're being surrounded on all sides.  It's hard to tell when you're taking damage since there's no sound effect of visual indicator, other than your HP bar suddenly disappearing.  Also, I don't know how the final boss works, but it seemed like you had to continuously hit him or be near him or his HP heals back, which rolls back to the too much clicking problem.  If you fix one, you'll probably fix that too.  Good job for your first game jam game!

What a neat experience!  The asymmetric gameplay took a bit of thinking, but with the limited options available to you, I didn't find it impossible to figure out.  I loved the idea of sending things back and forth.  The final bit with the checkerboard box was pretty clever, though that might be the only thing that needs some visual clarification--the portal looks more like a visual effect than an interactable.

Loved the self-made sound effects, too!  Overall very fun and enjoyable to play once you get the coordination down of manipulating both screens.

Thank you so much!  I do plan on expanding it!

Thank you!  I wanted the dog to feel important!

I agree 100% on all that.  I didn't have the energy to playtest it (just checking that the triggers worked) and once I tried doing it for real I realized how nuts it is.  You were right about the dog--the actual method that was consistent is to push in the computer a little bit and throw the dog very close, so he is pushed into the hole by the ceiling. But I know it's not very intuitive--just more things to work on for the next update!

I do plan on expanding it greatly.  Thank you for your thorough feedback!

A really great mechanic!  It was fun trying to lead objects toward enemies while dodging.  The music overpowers the sound effects and is also a bit too loud overall, though I liked the choice in genre.  The graphics are a bit too simple but they don't look bad.  I had a ton of fun playing to the end, though I would have appreciated a system that helped locate the last enemies, since some of the missions were really large and a little annoying to search through, especially since one of my bad guys pathed himself into the starting door and was hard to find.  I want to see more!

Wow, this is a 10/10 game!  The gameplay of dashing through everything is really rewarding and cool to look at, the art is stylish but still colorful, the subterranean music sets the mood, and the design of the levels kept you from just clicking to victory.  Really impressive!  I would've liked a conclusion to our guy's money troubles though--all those gems and I didn't get to see our angry bossman get covered in rocks for our trouble.  You knocked it out of the park.

Thank you, but while I made everything else, the music is credited to!  I am, unfortunately, not a very talented musician, haha.  I wanted to make it feel like you needed to keep your dog with you, instead of parking him somewhere and doing the level on your own.  The last level especially needs some fine tuning, but this was intended as a proof of concept and way to get my main game functions programmed--I'll be revamping the level structure and giving an actual narrative in future updates.  Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you very much!  I checked out your game as well!

The idea of spinning the camera around the play field is interesting, and I think could be expanded on!  Maybe relying on the camera spinning to see parts of the level to learn where there are traps, or which path to take.  The wheel was also a cool gimmick.  I liked the bright colors you picked, though the white marble was hard to keep track of on the white checkerboard.  I wish the marble moved faster, too--one level your marble moves twice as fast, which feels way more comfortable to control.  Also, the combination of the checkerboard pattern and the speed the camera rotated gave me some motion sickness, so some fine tuning is in order.  Keep working on it!

This is as good as I got!  Maybe I'll try again later :9

Straight forward but successful.  It's tons of fun, the cute, doodly art really compliments the game.  Great job, you seem like you've got a good sense of humor.  Wish there was some background music!

Yeah, I definitely agree.  As it stands now the eyeballs track way too fast, or need longer dead periods.  (I can't even do it ahaha)  Please be on the lookout for the next, new and improved version! 

Thank you so much!  I just checked yours out!

Easy to play, short, and enjoyable!  The art is perfect and super crisp, and the sound effects are really well done.  The music is groovy and loops pretty well, if a little short--I want to hear more!  I loved the additional drift as you lost tires, I thought that was a very clever mechanic.  I think you made the level by hand which works, but looking into how to randomly generate the level would be beneficial for multiple playthroughs.  I also think having the police car follow you a little more closely would make it more exciting, and maybe give the police a bit of random up-and-down movement instead of following you perfectly.  All in all, a really solid submission for your first game!

Thank you, I'm happy you like the art!  But I'm no musician, the music was made by this person:

I'll be working on more things in the future!  This is my first game jam, just to see how it all works.  Thank you for your feedback!

I definitely need to adjust the eyeball's tracking speed, but did you try throwing your dog into little spaces?  He can move things if you call him to you and he's on the other side :)  Thank you for your review!  I'll be definitely making the learning curve much better in future updates.

Thank you so much!

I love the style of how you modeled everything, the disjointed objects are very cute.  I found Z and X to be hard to press, maybe Q or E might be better?  The mechanic of digging holes to get in and out of the fences was really good, though I wish that the farmer followed you faster--I felt like I wasn't ever in danger when he was around, and I only dug holes to get into fenced areas, not to escape.  Good job, and love the ending scene with all your baby rabbits!

Great style and work on the art!  The special effects are very cool and this looks really promising as just an early demo!  It might just be me, but I had no sound effects or music, which really was a shame.  The mechanics were fun and I can see some cool puzzles being made with them, and I liked how the main menu was also the start zone. I think that having your dash be infinite makes things too easy, so maybe limit it in future updates to help up the difficulty a little.  Keep working on this! Here's mine!
I'll play yours once I get home from work! ^^

This is a good point!  I'll be sure to allow rebindings in a future update.  My game lets you use the arrow keys, but like a sleep deprived noodle I put my action keys on (prepare for this) E,R, and L of all things.  I never play games with WASD, so thanks for spreading awareness!
Here is mine!  Please download the zip from the game page, since I made a mistake and didn't upload my data folder in my original submission.  It's a puzzle platformer with a dog :)

Thank you so much! 

Thank you very much for your kind words!

The presentation is spot on, super cute artwork; shame about the UI, but sometimes you can't help it.  I think that things could be a explained a tad more--like which ingredients add savory flavor, or as you get things right your cookbook starts to get filled out.  The lighting on the candles was a little too strong in its movement and kind of distracted from the beautiful restaurant.  Once you start to figure things out though, it's fun and I can't wait to see your future updates!

Neat use of the theme!  As someone with a lot of ear piercings, I can really relate!  The presentation all fits together from the upbeat but chill background music to the art style which gives me an urban feel.  I think the biggest detractor from the experience is the UI feels very basic and doesn't match the game.  Otherwise, everything works as intended!  Good job!

Neat use of the theme!  As someone with a lot of ear piercings, I can really relate!  The presentation all fits together from the upbeat but chill background music to the art style which gives me an urban feel.  I think the biggest detractor from the experience is the UI feels very basic and doesn't match the game.  Otherwise, everything works as intended!  Good job!

A short, easy to play, fun game!  Reminds me of those little toys you had to fill with water and shoot air into to make the rings go on the pegs.  The pull and shoot mechanic is enjoyable, once you get the hang of putting enough strength into each pull.  The biggest thing I think the game needs is some sound effects and music.  Good job on this!

In the future I will definitely be letting people rebind keys, and pick some better ones for the default keys.  I'm very happy you liked it!  I'll definitely be expanding on this. Thank you for your critique!

Super nostalgic...  I used to play tons of these!  The visual aesthetic is very eye catching, I love the super saturated gems, and the general floaty, night time ambiance also really suited the game well.  A solid marble game.

Really cute game!  I really want to see this expanded on!  The visuals are really cute with a great pick in color scheme, and the sound effects are hilarious, but subtle enough to not become tiresome.  A digging roguelike is a great way to use the theme!  I'd like to see some upgrades for movement, since sometimes it felt like I was just filling the room with blocks to cross large gaps, and maybe also bind the gun swap to the mouse wheel.

This one has a really cool take on the concept!  Using black and white to make people see the hole in the middle of a shape as a puzzle element and not just visuals is very cool!  There were some cool tricks in there, I would love to see more with this style of platformer!  The artwork is super stylish and the main character's animations are very smooth.

I think I found a bug in the last section, where I could never end the game so I just kept running through it over and over for a few minutes.  Then I restarted, and I was able to finish that part in almost 20 seconds.  Something made the goal despawn.

Thank you so much!  I wanted to put more detail in, but that's for a later time!  I'm very happy with the dog noises, they're the first sound effects I've ever made.  Thank you for playing!

I had a feeling it would be too loud...  I'll be implementing in sound settings for sure.  I totally forgot about esc!  Thanks for the feedback, I'll fix it up!  I'm glad you liked the art!

Thank you!  I'm glad you liked the puzzles, I've never done level design before.  Please continue to throw the dog!

Thanks so much!  It got hard there at the end, but I'm glad everything at least works!  I can't wait to work on it some more ^^