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haha thanks !! You can email us if you want to chat at : 

Thank you so much !! You can look at our other game if you want !

so nice of you !!

so cool thanks !!

Gameplay is really cool ! I  did approximately 10 fights against the IA and have won 8 of them !

It's so fun and so a good idea ! Love to Bust cars haah

Thanks that so nice !  I'm on my way to try your game out ! 

Very cool intro and always nice to play a killer robot ! The mechanism are well done ! The levels are a bit repetitive, especially when you start from the beginning :) 

So cool to get out in clubs again 😂 Interesting mechanism, cool design and the NPC are very well managed ! Did you write all the sentence by your own ??

Thanks a lot and we are working hard to improve the chatbot and to use this technologie for any game! Yeah you said it, it's a prototype and there  is a reason why the Big Game Studios don't have that already, it's hard ^^ So again thanks a lot for your encouraging words!

We are updating this game tomorrow, so if you want to try it out again that could be super for a second feedback 🙏

We also made another game using chatbots : if you are interested

So nice of you ! Wanted also top try out your game today 🙏 We are updating this game tomorrow, if you want to test it again !

thanks that's so nice of you ! If you want yo try out our other game it would be very nice ☺️

It's so cool that you noticed the Tarantino reference ! 🔥🔥🔥We changed some things today and we are working on the "easy kill left clic" Tomorrow ! Left clic to talk and right clic to stab 

Hey ! Thanks a lot for the comment 😍 we just updated the game with some voices and changed the dialogue boxes :)

Amazing! Did you sleep in the last days ^^?  I'm impressed with all the features you offer. The music really gets into your head, loved it!

Beautiful graphics and animations  :D What was the AI part? the enemy tactics? beacause it's really difficult ^^

Cool graphic style, but I'm sorry I quickly got stuck and didn't know how to continue

I loved the background story ! Really cool shooting !

Thanks a lot 🙏🙏 ! We are going change this esay killer clic in the coming patch !

The Fall of Ursa Major

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In this demo, you can interact with this world and its characters by writing whatever you want in your keyboard. The reactions of the characters and your decisions will lead you through the story. Play a nomade  in a mysterious world and discover some of it secrets. 

Alpha Immersive

Thank you for your feedback! It means a lot :) 

Thanks a lot! Yes, each player has a part to play to build this world :)  Your involvement means a lot to us!! The game improves thanks to all of you ;) 

Thanks for your support! Please let us know if you have any feedback, we are constantly improving this first demo thanks to user comments and feedback :)

Thanks a lot! Yes, it's a first demo meant to show the new process of interacting with NPCs. Glad to know you liked it! 

It's out!!!

We are excited for you to play it!

Thank you! We are working on it :) As the first testers of the game, you play an important role in developing the AI algorithms : you are building this world with your creativity, by adding sentences to our NPC, or suggesting actions!

Thanks a lot! The NPC interaction is the core of our project, so it means a lot if people enjoy it :) Feel free to add sentences to the characters! The game improves thanks to you and your creativity.