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thank you, hopefully i'll be able to add sound and refine the music after the game jam, thanks for playing!

Very zen experience.

i like to think i'm good at math, but this game broke me.

it took me a while to realize i wasn't supposed to make "snakes" but only squares, once i solved that i managed to make it further.

interesting submission!

it has a demon sex legged cat, i love that.

all in all a lovely game, i love the art style, really nice.

i really hope you continue on this one a little bit more after the jam.

i feel like i've just assumed some form of drug.

all in all a.... "interesting" submissions.

unique control scheme, i would've maybe given the player more than just one life.

This is unironically a really fun little game.

The art style hits that retro feel that i truly enjoy.
The gameplay is simple yet straightforward.
The scoring is simple yet rewarding and playable.

Great submission for this game jam!

the amount of little details for what the game actually is is charming and lovely.

the gameplay could use a little more "oompf" or reward but all in all a great game.

nice submission.

my man for real made a whole essay about mathematics

"shoot to move" huh, i love the idea, i think i'll do something like that too someday.

apart from that, great submission, i found the sprites to be quite charming.

interesting, i love biological evoloution games but the idea has me a little confused.

it would be neat to be able to be more "precise" with the slider.
I'd also find it interesting to "see" the volution as it  happens in a more visual way in the vat.

Will see who gets the strongest organism.

good luck and nice submission

pretty nice game, i may "take" some ideas from this for a post-update like the enemy flashing on a hit.

Quick question, is there any other "volution" stages? or just one, because i'm so bad at the game that i can't seem to get to it, unless there is only one upgrade.

all in all great submission!

cute artstyle and simple gameplay.

i could see myself fleshign out a project like this with some patience, great execution on it.

apart from lacking the theme mid-gameplay i'd say this is a great submission.

absolutely addicting gameplay.

a little lacking on the gamejam theme, but! would go very well on a phone as a minigame with a little bit more fleshing out.

great submission

Great game, i'm a sucker for space shooters so this one naturally piques my interest, i truly enjoyed the jellyfish evolving feel to it.

is there a way to get out of full screen? not sure if i just missed it.

Absolutely delightful submission.

truly fascinating.

a little hard to understand, but once you get it it is unique.

i find the text loading to be a little strange to have to click on the text button but it skips the text.

all in all great submission, good job on fitting the theme.

Ah, a fellow developer who has lost a day in dev time.

I must say i really enjoyed the game, it took me a little to figure out the game, but once you do it is a challenge on speedrunning the game.

overall love the art style, nice submission.

Thanks, i appreciate the feedback!

Hopefully i will be able to have more time to increase the quality of the project to be more on par with my previous submissions <3

Interesting little project.

I find it strange that i cannot "choose" what to mutate whenever the wave ends, it just seems i get some random upgrade thing.

Also there is no way to close the game once you're done playing, so i had to ALT+F4 out of the game, not sure if that was meant to be the case.

All in all an interesting submission!

So far the game i've spent a little longer in, quite the hard little project, but definitely has the potential to be a really fun little game.

I think the text loading so slowly and being unskippable is a little annoying, but that's my only bother with the game so far.

I also like the items addition, the second level i got absolutely minigunned down, but otherwise had fun.

Nice submission

I like trash pandas, so inherently adhore the little bugger.

I'm not quite sure how the theme fits in, but hey, i've had my cut of fun.

Nice Submission.

Very nice project.

I enjoy the idea of a reverse assault on a tower defense base.

I also find it entertaining how the pawns seem to dance whenever approaching the center tower.

The game could use some more "info" about what each evolve tier does, or perhaps what the current level of each tier is currently at.

Other than that great submission.

Very nice project.

I enjoy the idea of a reverse assault on a tower defense base.

I also find it entertaining how the pawns seem to dance whenever approaching the center tower.

The game could use some more "info" about what each evolve tier does, or perhaps what the current level of each tier is currently at.

Other than that great submission.

jamGPT community · Created a new topic Jam Theme

good evening, is there no theme with the present limitations?

I'm use to participating to game jams with themes but if this one doesn't have one i'll come up with something from scratch then,

Thanks in advance for any reply.

weird! I still see a grey text hard to read, if you are on the discord server i could show you perhaps

Interesting, going to feel a lot like a speedrunners game done quick kinda deal if it ends up being streamed, which would be funny to see.

I'm surprised that you managed to aim for 3D graphics with the time limitation! And execute an interesting outcome out of it as well

Interesting, but perhaps a nit out of scope for the streamers since it's more so who can dish out the highest afk score in one stream sitting?

Otherwise great concept and interesting execution, perhaps more balanging like making an item be clonable only x times before it rots or having some goals and time limits to break out of that 'afk' game kinda feel.

(1 edit)

Fuunky, the concept is great, and playing defensive instead of offensive is a mice twist in this jam, though i will add that the controls are very confusing and easy to forget mid-game or whenever you come back to the game, but you've been told already before so I won't bother you with the details

I loove the concept, probably didn't get updated on the theme change but goddamnit am i a sucker for TD games

Nice game concept, and Michelle looks cute! Bonus points on aesthetics and this game ties together rather well 

ah i know how you feel there, had two days on mine too, do yous toll have the original idea? Perhaps you can put that up too as a side-draft

Perhaps just more feedback to the player, but that has already been said, perhaps a bit hard for streamers to compete in or hard to find the theme in there otherwise great execution!

Aparts from nullPointers reference errors, the core idea is there, could use more polish but that has been said before, perhaps some more instructions or "feedback" to the player can be given to make it easier.

Don't get discouraged though! For a three days game jam this is progress! It reminds me of my first game jam on here too.

Four people team and 3D graphics, plus funny jeff besos meme. What more canbe said?

Thiugh i hardly understood what was going on half the time.

I keep reading the title as amongARK though, whoch makes it funny

I love the core concept! But i am not quite sure why it bugs out on so many little points, could unity be at fault here? Perhaps more testing after the game jam could help out here

Cheeese, gromit!

Ahm, yeah i actually can hardly think of anything to add that others haven't, great work on the art and fighting polish though!

I loove the concept, perhaps i can see it as more of a "two dimensions" ordeal, but then i may be seeing thing, great inspiring idea!

This was trippy as hell! I really have nothing to add other that i loove cats.

Perhaps a bit hard of a game for streamers to "compete" in? But that is just my thought.

Great execution!

Great concept! I don't have much other to say that already has been said.

But perhaps the choice of colors on the store page could be improved? I personally find white over light blue veery hard to read 

Shiny! Very shiny, perhaps add an option to turn of bloom or reduce/increase it? Great execution though and has a fair amount of polish.

A biit confusing on the UX end of things, but that has been said multiple times already,  do I won't bother you with the details.

Good idea for a three days jam though!