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Glad you had fun!  Thanks for checking it out!

Well done: thanks for playing!

Awesome!  Thanks so much for playing!

Get 'em!  Show them who's boss!

Thanks for playing.  I have some post-jam updates planned - but don't want to leave it alone so while jammers are playing they are commenting on the same game.  Good feedback. :)

143 fish!  That was fun.

This is one of my favorites in the jam so far.  I like how the movement, in particular, feels.  Add some music and levels and I'm at a party.  Good job!

"That sounds like something an apple would say." I lol'ed at this.  This was a good time.  Thanks!

This was fun.  I wish I could have played each mini game a little longer.  I got an 'S' - happy about that.

I like the GB aesthetic and I got to learn a few things about myself.  Nice work. :)

This game is Portal: but with a null-gravity gun instead.  Fun game!

I got to the top!  Loved the music.

This is good.  I kept playing a few times without realizing the round was over - but I liked this.  Keep up the good work!

This game made me smile!  Nice job.  Good music and premise.

Thanks for giving it a go!

Thanks for playing!  The levels need to present some of the concepts in a better way that also keeps the player wanting to move forward.  The camera will get 'stuck' if you haven't captured all of the consecutive territory from your home position: you need to drop an Assault in there to capture it.   There needs to be some kind of intro that better explains this mechanic. (or it's just possibly a bad mechanic and I need to scrap it)

Thanks for playing!  I need to put a better tutorial/intro level together that explains the mechanics a little better.

This was fun.  I think some music/sfx would add some ambience.  Nice work!

Everyone's going feral here!  This was fun.  I laughed at the QWOP keybindings.  Well executed.

I struggled a little bit with the controls, but this was fun!

I played a few times to try to get onto the leaderboard, but no luck.   This was fun.  Nice work!

I think the time's up message means I survived, which is good.  I like the game's visual style a lot and the music was fun.  Nice work!

Sweet: I won all of the difficulty settings!  I think a key-down sound effect and a word-entered sound effect would be good player feedback sounds.  Other than that: I wanted to look up at the funny things happening to the cow, but I had to focus up on the next word.

That was fun.  I know more about cows now. ;)

Sweet: a leaderboard!  that was fun.  I did find that there was a spot you could cozy up to on the boss and you wouldn't be hit.  Good submission!

I think it would be good to have a way to skip the tutorial on subsequent playthroughs: other than that I had a good time -- Nice work!

I love that avocados are in the fruit list!  Good use of theme and well written.  Fun game. 

I wanted to be able to hold the keyboard controls down to keep going in a direction.

My best run was 97: but I think I can beat that if I put in some more tries.  I think this could easily be turned into a larger game.  A think a 'timer elapsed' sound effect would help the 20s version.  Well written, good use of theme, good sound effects & music. 

If you don't have an assault troop who can reclaim the next territory in-view, then you can get stuck.  I really need a tutorial/how-to-play to demonstrate how this works, because the situation you've described doesn't offer the player any feedback to why the camera feels stuck.  Appreciate you giving it a go!

This is something that I need to address: the levels/scenarios that I have loaded up right now don't do a good job of rewarding the player for different troop combinations -- I think some of this is just that the level is too long even without the enemies.  It takes at least 10s to get across without having to wade through the baddies.  Thanks for the playthough and feedback!

Thanks so much for playing!  I definitely want to tinker some more with it.  Gotta play through some more 20s games first. 

Thanks!  What kind of cards are you thinking of?  I hadn't considered that idea before: curious what you have in mind...

Thanks for playing!  I don't know if SWARM can be beat, but the others I was able to play through.  I think I need more of a ramp up on the level progression:  something to do for a future update. :)

Awesome.  I know I thought I found it under the couch in one playthrough and spent the next 3-4 tries throwing the couch around the room.  (>▽<)

I had no idea Opportunity found all of this on Mars.  I think maybe it's still up there having a good time. :D

I really like the painting-style art.  Music is also good.  Fun entry!

I'm not particularly good at these types of games, but the levels I was able to get through ran fine on my browser.  The music, sfx, and controls with the mouse were fine also.  Great submission!

Awesome!  I definitely want to tinker more with it.  Lots of ideas. Thanks for giving it a whirl!

I watered the Bonsai!  That was fun.  I crashed a few times and the tree died a few times before I figured it out.  Nice work!

I got the package into the end zone (after some spectacular failures).  Fun movement mechanics with good sound effects.  Bravo!

I kept the TV on!   I trashed the room several times before checking the cushions. /facepalm

Idea, sound effects, and implementation are all solid.   Nice work!

A nitpick: I think the 'contains' tests shouldn't allow you to type in the contains prompt if it's already a word (e.g. Contains "HAT":  I'll just type HAT instead of CHAT or HATTER) 

My high score was 157. 

I found myself typing ANY and WORD in for the ANY WORD prompts. :D