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I love it. Hilarious.


Glad you liked the levels, I spent a huge chunk of time just brainstorming interesting setups :D

You participated too? Noice

Ahh, what a brilliant game for such a short time limit! I loved the graphic style and the concept of the game. One of the best "damage-linked-to-health" games I've seen so far. 

My only concern is the sluggish gameplay, because a lot of the time spent on each level is just hit-n-running, waiting for your hp to recover. By making the game a bit more fast-paced, juicy, and some more levels+enemies, this could be a real game in the app store.

Fantastic job overall!

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Good original concept, the game just struggled a bit in terms of execution and presentation. I understand that you ran out of time playtesting, but the level difficulty curve definitely needs some work (I strangely found the game getting easier as I progressed), and maybe adding some juicier effects e.g screenshake would make gameplay more fun for the player. Good job nonetheless :D

(and yes, the ai perhaps is a bit too smart. I've seen some of your videos (BenBonk) explaining how you made the ai smarter, but maybe it should be toned down a little for the sake of the difficulty? Just some thoughts :D)

Ahh...I'll be sure to check the bug and fix it after uploads are reopened.

Very original and cool concept. The puzzles were also really fun. With improved graphics and audio, this would be a fantastic game!

(I'm also a solo dev :D)

Such a fun game! Lots of great gameplay effects e.g screenshake, and with a little better art this would be even better. Great job.

Fantastic game! You've taken a simple concept yet elevated it so incredibly. Great job.

Hilarious when I try to make a mega-burger! Simple but creative idea, and it has more potential if executed a bit better.

Very interesting concept! The beauty of controlled chaos (sort of).

I coded the game in Scratch, then used an html packager to export it in html. Sweet lil tricks.

Yup :D

This is really, really good. Graphics and gameplay are fantastic. I hope you get featured in GTMK's video.

Very noice, I personally found it quite easy.

This is insanely good.

I find the difficulty to be a bit too easy. Otherwise very nice :)


Thanks, I'll update it after voting period (the most recent version also has an additional stealth minigame from the agent at the top left)

sorry to hear that, the engine might glitch on different systems (I use mac)

Thanks, I will update the controls when the voting period is over. 

Obviously the training was made up, but the story is true :)

Incredible. Graphics are unique, story is engaging, sound design is great. I had some trouble at the beginning of the game (controls), but got the hang of it couple minutes later. Great prototype, would love to see the story further developed.

Noice, it is simple yet addicting.

Brilliant, beat it after a few tries.

Finally beat it. The game is well rounded, but there are a couple of flaws. One, the controls are not very easy to handle as people have been saying, and the graphics need a bit of work (but you know, it's a game jam so ye). I'm not sure what the scary smiley face is, a bit of clarification would be nice. But overall it's a pleasant experience :)

Yes, I am embarrassingly a mac user

Noice, but for me the restart button didn't work, so I couldn't finish the game. Pretty good job tho!

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Thank you for your kind consideration, but unfortunately I don't have linux. However, I will rate you 5/5 stars for great developer service :D

This looks so good, I really want to play it...shame I don't have windows :( 

I see you have read everyone else's comments :)


Wait so you are only allowed to update your game once?

Gameplay is simple but fun, it had me stuck to it for a good amount of time :)


Thanks for letting me know, many people have said that the agility course is hard :)

Ah okay, maybe I'll take away a key apple from the course.

Couldn't manage to beat the second level but really entertaining!