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I really like the concept! It was super fun especially when I could get my combos off, although I think having slightly more time to select the next card to combo would be nice.

I also really like the card designs and sound effects ('Nani?' XD)

The game feels pretty polished and smooth. Awesome work!!

Edit: new favourite sound effect - "ULTRAAAAAA!"

Thank you! I'll be sure to check out your game too!

Thank you!! Glad you enjoyed it! To be honest, I sometimes feel like the car was a little to random of an addition to the game, but I'm glad people are having fun using it.

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A really fun game overall! I really like the story being told here as well as the visual aesthetic, and the controls were nice too. The music gives off a very chill feeling which makes the game very relaxing to play. Although, I could only hear the music coming from my left headphone only. Awesome work!

Overall an okay experience. Would have liked to have some indication as to what we needed to do exactly to progress through the game.

Really like the portal mechanic and how you gradually introduced new mechanics as the game went on. Good work!

Really liking this take on the theme and very relatable given the situation we are in XD. I think with a little bit more polish and additional scenarios/ mechanics this could become an excellent game. My only issue is that I felt that needing to use the mouse in addition to both the WASD and Arrow keys was a little much since both the player's hands would likely be on their keyboard. Maybe advancing the friend's dialogue with a key on the keyboard instead may provide for a more fluid experience. 

Like the visuals and aesthetics of the game as well as the overarching mechanic. Only issue I had was that I felt that the controls were a little too slippery and that the music seemed to only be playing through the left side of my headphones. Great work!

Very chill and relaxing game. I really like the concept and the execution of your idea. The gameplay did feel a little repetitive the more I played and I would have liked to see more variation in the enemies or something to increase the difficulty of the game. Good job overall! 

Good job on addressing the theme! Hits a little too close to home for me where there are flies everywhere during summer XD

I really like the use of particles and post processing of the game's visuals - it made everything look really appealing and pleasing to the eyes. The gameplay was pretty fun too and I like the idea of creating more of yourself as you kill the enemies. My only complaint is that it  got a little too hard to keep track of all the different versions of yourself and how they were dying because so much was happening on screen. Awesome work!

Was a little unsure about how I felt about the story at first, but after getting past the first stage everything just felt right. I loved the tone and flow of the story and how cute it was. The controls and movement also felt polished. My only issue with the game is that it felt that the camera was a little too zoomed in during the times where we were travelling between levels.

Thank you! I did find the gameplay a bit tedious at times too. Maybe I could add in more areas where you can refill your posters

Thank you for your feedback! 

(no takos were harmed in the making of this game XD)

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

A unique and fun take on the theme that I had never even thought about myself. Awesome work! I really love the camera mechanics and the calling the guards mechanic too. I feel like it would be even better if we had a map of the store so we know where the camera are pointing to.

I had a few issues on my end however and I think they might have just affected me judging from everyone else's comments. For some reason, some of the customers suddenly stopped moving and stopped me from progressing the game until I used the security guard to clear them. This happened on day 2 and on day 3 the same thing happened however I could not progress even after I had used the guard to clear the level (maybe there were some customers off screen that I couldn't see that had also stopped moving).

This really was a hard game but in a good way and executed pretty well. My favourite thing about this game would probably be the visuals and the animations when the robot reassembles themselves. It looks so nice with the electricity coming off it too. Awesome work!

Really like the art and the music I think they were really well done. The controls for picking up items felt a little sticky and not as smooth as the movement itself. Good work overall!

Really fun game and I can imagine it would be even better if I could play it with a friend. The visuals look really nice and the UI design and layout is just solid. I especially like the timer on the ground - visible to all players and it does not obscure anyone. So much polish and juice for a game made in 3 days - awesome work!!

Really like the unique mechanic of the fishing rod being both a tool to attract enemies and defeat them. It opens up quite a bit of strategy and I can see this being part of an even bigger game or a more developed game centred around this idea.  Awesome work! I couldn't really see a strong connection to the theme however, and the rotation of the rod was a little awkward to handle.

Nice game with a good difficulty level for the type of game it is. I really liked it! The enemy movement behaviour was really fun to see as well as the special effects. The indicators for where the enemy would spawn was also a nice touch.

Impossible mode seems a little too impossible for me however XD

Nice job on your first game! The connection to the theme was a little hard to see but the game does run smoothly

Nice chill clicker game and an interesting take on the theme. I feel like a few extra visuals and effects would really make this game pop, but it is still a solid base for a clicker.

Awesome work here! The blending-in mechanic was really cool and an interesting tool to utilise in order to escape

Didn't think of a horror game myself when I first saw the theme, but seeing this makes so much sense now. Really like how the theme is incorporated and how well the horror elements are implemented. Nice work!

Nice work here! I really like the take on the theme of a virus infecting a body - very relevant to our current situation - and the game was fun overall. I did find that the music was a little too repetitive and distracting at times, however this might just be a personal issue. 

Thank you so much and I'm glad you liked the game! Visual and gameplay feedback is definitely something I found a little lacking when I was playtesting my game too and I hope I can improve upon this in an update after the jam has finished. I'll probably need to also tweak the car's controls a little which I didn't get much time to do during the jam unfortunately  

Really like the visuals and the story behind the game - how you are literally everywhere and need to put yourself back together. The visuals are really nice but it would have been awesome to also have had some music and sound effects to accompany them. Awesome work!

Pretty solid game overall. I like the gravity mechanic and I can see potential for a platformer/ puzzle game to be based around it

Cute game - I really like the star character. However I couldn't really find a strong connection to the theme of the jam however. How the special ability was to be obtained also felt a little ambiguous or too difficult to get

One of the most polished games I have played so far! I love how much juice is here. The effects and visuals are just stunning for a game made in 3 days! The gameplay is really interesting too - I really like the idea of being able to take over the enemies as a unique take on the theme. The variety of enemies kept the game entertaining too. If I had to nit pick, I would probably say that the first few minutes of the game felt a little too slow and that the player also moves a little slower than what I would like. Amazing work!! 

I really like this take on the theme and the visuals as well! I wish there were more levels however... Nice work!

The visuals are solid and the background music was really fitting and conveys a chill feeling. The gameplay was really interesting albeit a little difficult (but in a good way). Awesome work!

Super cool movement mechanic! I really like how the game plays and feels and I can see this becoming something really awesome with a little more polish, some music and sound effects, and more levels. Amazing work!!

Felt a little lost for the first few minutes as to where I was supposed to take the cubes but managed to figure it out pretty quickly. Really like the switching between different characters and the puzzle solving potential it has.

Really like this take on the moving multiple characters idea. The puzzles were nice and the visuals were cohesive. Only issue I have with it is that it is sometimes a little hard to see the player's character when the map zooms out a lot

This game made my brain hurt but in a good way XD Really interesting controls and mechanics!

Really like the background art and how the difficulty scales with the additional dinos and random keys assigned to them. I think with a little more tweaking this could be a really nice game!

The x-ray mechanic was interesting to use! I like it

Really liking the visual style and what you were trying to do. I feel like if you had a bit more time to add in music and a slightly clearer tutorial it would have been a great game