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Very nice game. There is one bug I want to point out. In the the money calculation window if you press too early it gives whatever money is in the counter.

Cool conecpt. Horrid bird sound. Controls are a bit clunky though. Would love to play more levels

You think they forgot about their jam? :D

More like "scrolling-through-a-single-.cs-file" jam :D

I have the same Work and Butts file. Gotta be organized right?

Working hard to keep it PG-13

Only the best!

"I don't recognize any of these hieroglyphs on these walls. But I can feel it in my bones.  Behind these corridors waits and invaluable prize. I want regain what I've lost. What I've wasted." I think these sentences are engraved into my brain.

Gun OP please nerf.

That's a way too inefficient way to get rid of someone.

Is it wrong that this game made me hungry?

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Very good man. Can't imagine what a shit storm this game would be if it was multiplayer.  :D It could be next Fortnite :P

Thank you. I plan to polish the game more after the voting ends. Currently I'm forbidden :D

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I am curious about this too because there are some numeric values that I am not sure would break the game or not. (Make it impossible to win). I might have to tweak them a little bit.

Very solid action. Loved it

cool wanna team up?

I am a competent Unity C# developer and a beginner at pixel art. Looking for a team to work together :)