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Very nice game. There is one bug I want to point out. In the the money calculation window if you press too early it gives whatever money is in the counter.

Such meta, much singularity, wow

Cool conecpt. Horrid bird sound. Controls are a bit clunky though. Would love to play more levels

You think they forgot about their jam? :D

More like "scrolling-through-a-single-.cs-file" jam :D

I have the same Work and Butts file. Gotta be organized right?

Working hard to keep it PG-13

Only the best!

"I don't recognize any of these hieroglyphs on these walls. But I can feel it in my bones.  Behind these corridors waits and invaluable prize. I want regain what I've lost. What I've wasted." I think these sentences are engraved into my brain.

Gun OP please nerf.

That's a way too inefficient way to get rid of someone.

Is it wrong that this game made me hungry?

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Very good man. Can't imagine what a shit storm this game would be if it was multiplayer.  :D It could be next Fortnite :P

Thank you. I plan to polish the game more after the voting ends. Currently I'm forbidden :D

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I am curious about this too because there are some numeric values that I am not sure would break the game or not. (Make it impossible to win). I might have to tweak them a little bit.

Very solid action. Loved it

cool wanna team up?

I am a competent Unity C# developer and a beginner at pixel art. Looking for a team to work together :)