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Can we update our game during the voting period?

A topic by Jakarian Studios created Mar 25, 2018 Views: 199 Replies: 3
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Can we update our game during the voting period?



From my experience in jams (5+ now), It's generally its okay to update your entry to fix bugs during the voting period. In other words: If something is making your game unplayable/buggy, it is okay to fix it as long as nothing new is added. It is generally not okay to add additional features/content/sounds/assets while the voting period is going.

I'd ask HeartBeast if you want to know officially. What I said is just from my experience, not the rules for this jam (and until we know officially, I would assume we cannot update during the voting period, to be on the safe side)

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I am curious about this too because there are some numeric values that I am not sure would break the game or not. (Make it impossible to win). I might have to tweak them a little bit.