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Sorry to say that the true ending is contrary to the fact. ,people near death are cheerful. Bodies restrict your actions, in Buddhism or another religion.

Mouse clicks don't work to windows version.

And I knew you uploaded happy world dev logs to tigsource forums , but I didn’t know happy zone dev logs. You don’t need to tell me happy world development history .

Do you ignore the logs on itch website ?    . I replied to your development history , but you didn’t answer me . 

You didn’t upload your development history for happy zone ? I used search engine (  , ) to search such information , but I didn’t find the devlogs .    . There’re 46 songs , but your development history says the game has 41 songs . There’re only two songs I haven’t heard in the game, they’re stop and burn . Forty-six minus two equals forty-four that’s greater than forty-one . So what’s wrong and what did you do ? 

(1 edit)    . Your development history says players have ability to climb in machine . And you said happy zone is a machine . Do you mean that just wait until song ends in snow zone and we’ll be in machine ? 

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Someone’s baking a pie in the house. Is there any way to ask the man who’s baking a pie come to happy party ? Or the happy party is vacant . 

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In happy zone ,the blue guy asks you to buy the pink dye from shop zone . And then the cat proceeds you to ask the girl before you get pink dye .

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Knock over tables to make the nunu cry and kill the guy by giving him a match . Is that rigid ? I played the game several times , but I cannot change the rule that makes nunu cry and kills the guy . I saw sad camp is opened and I can go there without answering the competitor, is it a bug ? 


I have a further question . Most of the places have their names, such as excland ,snow zone, nunu bakery  . But some places don’t show their names. I got the key from purple slime and went to Hub , I don’t know the name of that place . Please wait until the song ends in snow zone and it will take you to a secret place which is in happy zone . I don’t know the name of that place . 

This game has been mentioned and recommended by itch webmasters. .  . 

You may knock on the door in world three and three rooms are vacant . You’re wrong and one room isn’t vacant. There’s someone dancing in one room , but the piano plays more loudly than  you knock on the door or someone answers you . You should keep him from playing the piano and you will hear someone’s dancing . 

I can get to secrets or get artifacts in somewhere , their musics only perform once . But the musics of other places are looped , does it mean I cannot find any secrets ? 

I’m very sorry about I posted the reply before literally trying every key on my keyboard . I tried to press D , I will see the book .     . This is why I’m unable to find the book , I use them instead of W S A and D . By the way , this is one of the reasons that I think happy zone is worse than happy world . Because happy zone doesn’t support these four keys . 

Unable to flip their upside down by the token. When I scroll the token on their place , they just talk to me . 

There’s a pink thing on the question-marked platform in the snow zone. If you find the secret before giving the pink thing to the machine, you can only see the skinless woman. If you give the pink thing to the machine before entering the secret, you can see both the pink ugly thing and the skinless woman . So I guess the machine can put things into the secret which is the ancient place in happy zone . 

There’s someone eating an ice-cream in the snow zone. Since the bottom of the cone looks very sharp , I want to ask a question. Is that possible to get the ice cream from that guy and dig a hole into the ground ? 

There’s a book myth of the skinless woman in the shop zone . Is it just decorative or something useful ? I tried every key on my keyboard , but I cannot see the book .

I play this game much earlier than downloading  the previous project happy zone , I don’t know anything about the early  events of the multiverse. I recently downloaded happy zone to see the past events of the multiverse  , but the quality is worse than happy world . For example, I only helped few people and the game told me I can go now 

It proceeds me to play the game in any dark rooms, and not to turn on the lights.  If I turn on the lights or play the game before 18 o’clock , it will make me see something wrong on computer screen 

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I saw something that’s shining but isn’t very bright  in the plane after the song ended. I took the artifact and then the brightness disappeared . The brightness was near the place where the ghost was living on . Either my computer screen has some problems or that’s the scret place of the frog . Excepting the screen problems, I need to know how to let the brightness appears again because I only did it once when I was arbitrarily playing the game. 

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You didn’t find the true ending or secret places. The most obvious secret is the party in restaurant zone, this is the most obvious secret but you didn’t enter it . There’s a bouncy faraway, no floor and no ground  holds that bouncy, that is the entrance of the party . 

The latest release doesn’t contain a frog ? Probably, demo version contains a frog 

Why didn’t you upload a video to YouTube ? 

Merriam-Webster dictionary says puzzle is about solving problems. And the game happy world has secret places and the problem about what you should do in blue plane . But the developer doesn’t think it’s puzzle game , why not ? 

The competitor of nunu bakery told me to knock over tables. Do you have any ideas to make both the competitor and the nunu happy ? 

How do you categorize puzzle games and non-puzzle games ? 

Why do you feel uncomfortable ? No, I don’t 

At the last time I went to excland, the ghost girl asked me to find her mind. But your webpage-based demo in itch devlogs doesn’t show the girl . What’s wrong with this ?

I went to “never leave me” and “what are you doing” . Someone asked me why I’m running away and it says “for that, you’re gonna pay “ . But it’s a free game, why it lets me pay ? 

How random is it ? True random or pseudo random ? When I have a lift in world 2 , something strange appears in the screen including the star .  And there’re some stars in the excland . Does it mean I should hop to the star ? 

The page is not found

How to reach excland ? I went to there once , but now I cannot go there . Could you please tell me that step-by-step ? I really went to there once , only once .