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A selfess game about making others happy! · By JMAS

Is Happy Zone canonical to Happy World?

A topic by Green Chili created Feb 12, 2018 Views: 641 Replies: 9
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!!!SPOILERS!!! for both

So does Happy World take place after Happy Zone or maybe in an alternate universe in which you never helped the people from Happy Zone?Since Purple says he/she is suicidal in Happy Zone and Purple is dead in Happy World, does Purple never find his frogs corpse and proceeds to commit suicide? Same for the Skinless Woman: You find her skin in Happy Zone but she is still "skinless" in Happy World. And finally the blue guy is still blue in Happy World and there is no pink guy so is this the same blue guy?

Also is there any point to doodle zone?


They're not really one after the other, they're both at the same time I guess. No specific order

They're both in the same multiverse, it's not an alternate timeline.

I don't know what blue guy or pink guy you're talking about

Doodle zone: Yes, it's serves as an exit point for happy zone, and happy zone is a MACHINE

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In happy zone ,the blue guy asks you to buy the pink dye from shop zone . And then the cat proceeds you to ask the girl before you get pink dye .


Yes it's the same blue guy

(1 edit)    . Your development history says players have ability to climb in machine . And you said happy zone is a machine . Do you mean that just wait until song ends in snow zone and we’ll be in machine ? 



You didn’t upload your development history for happy zone ? I used search engine (  , ) to search such information , but I didn’t find the devlogs . 


HAPPY WORLD dev log:

HAPPY ZONE dev log:

Do you ignore the logs on itch website ?    . I replied to your development history , but you didn’t answer me . 

And I knew you uploaded happy world dev logs to tigsource forums , but I didn’t know happy zone dev logs. You don’t need to tell me happy world development history .