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The latest release doesn’t contain a frog ? Probably, demo version contains a frog 

The frog is unlockable in the full game. But it's a secret.

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I saw something that’s shining but isn’t very bright  in the plane after the song ended. I took the artifact and then the brightness disappeared . The brightness was near the place where the ghost was living on . Either my computer screen has some problems or that’s the scret place of the frog . Excepting the screen problems, I need to know how to let the brightness appears again because I only did it once when I was arbitrarily playing the game. 

There is no brightness, I believe it's just your computer screen

It proceeds me to play the game in any dark rooms, and not to turn on the lights.  If I turn on the lights or play the game before 18 o’clock , it will make me see something wrong on computer screen