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hahahahaha nice that you found it! Thanks for playing :)

hahahahaha they sure are! Thanks for the comment!!!

hey there I could not reproduce the issue (I tested on keyboard), do you have any aditional information? Just for info, what keys are you using?

new WR by @pazelin!!!

Currently it works on mobile with touch controls but It only goes in portrait for some reason (I think it's itch the player)

(2 edits) did 2:51 as the best time, can anyone beat it?? (post video if possible!)

The font size is amazing, really nice game!!! :D

The boss fight does really step up the difficulty!! Thanks for the comment!

Hey there, thanks for playing!! The current ending doens't require shooting upwards to reach it :D

Currently the any% WR is 2:51 👀

Thanks for the positivity!!! :D

Hey congratz, this is really great! Driving feels good despite the low rez :D

btw the volleyball in your game is the same sprite as the player here hahaha

This is an amazing work, congratz!!!

Really fun, nice rocket jump mechanic!

The shooting feels nice!

Yes! There is some content and backtracking to do after the boss before the demo finishes!

Thanks for the comment!