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Thank you! Yes, UE4

Thanks so much. I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you!

He remains a father figure to Serafina in this game. However, he can become a love interest for Odell in Serafina's Crown ;)

This should now be fixed in the update with the suffix "-v203." When you go to the Extras menu, you should see the Final Path option. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

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After every playthrough, there are scenes after the credits. Make sure you watch these all the way through until you get a message about a new path unlocking.

I think there may be a minor bug happening if you already completed all the routes before the new update, OR if you play Julian's path last. If my theory is correct, replay Maddy's, Liam's, or August's post-credits ending sequences until you get the New Story + Unlock message. Let me know if that fixes it. I'll also work on a patch to make this update smoother for those who experienced this. 

Did you get the good endings on each route?

If so, it should unlock. Try the Extras menu also. Let me know

Thank you! Unfortunately no, we can't cross keys between PC and console versions.

Thank you so much for listening to our stories and the kind words; it means a lot! 

I'm sorry you're having these issues. That certainly shouldn't be happening, and I suspect something has gone wrong with your Steam download. Try verifying the integrity of the files, or uninstalling then reinstalling.  All versions of the game enable progress by space bar and click, and the patch for turning off grainy effects is already released. It is in advanced options at the bottom.

We released an update today with an option to turn off the film grain

We released an update today with an option to turn off the film grain :)

That one actually unlocks in the Liam path ;)

Thanks for the kind words and thoughts!

Thank you for your thoughts and kind words! Although we don't plan a sequel, we do plan to add some DLC content next year

I'm sorry you're having that issue on your laptop. I hope you can still enjoy the game!

There are no plans for a Mac release at this point, sorry!

There are no plans for an Android release at this point, sorry!

Thanks so much

Thanks Raziara! You are seeing the intended content and clues. If the game is very successful we do have some additional content in mind, but I don't think it would give you what you're looking for.

We are not sure why the "black screen bug" sometimes occurs, but I believe you are only missing a link back to the main menu, nothing more.

Thank you! We don't have a Mac version planned at this time

You can find a player-made walkthrough on Steam here: 

Yes, the controls work with a gamepad controller :D

Have you tried playing it outside the Itch app (run the .exe from the downloaded contents)? It may perform better this way.

I'm sorry you're experiencing a crash. You might want to try updating the driver for your GTX 1660. Here are some other tips about the issue: 

I'm sorry you encountered this issue! I repackaged the game and I hope it has resolved the problem.

Yes, as of this morning I added Steam keys!

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Greetings everyone! Over at Woodsy Studio we excited to announce our biggest release yet: Crimson Spires!

This otome-style visual novel blends eeriness and romance into a compelling drama. A ring of deadly towers traps you in the small mining town of Bataille, Missouri with extreme conspiracy theorists, a serial killer, and wealthy vampires. Choose your partner wisely. 

Will you choose Julian: the older Bataille brother who aims to rule the town with mysterious powers? Maddy: a strong-willed woman eager to overthrow the oppressive authorities? Liam: the adopted, cheerful misfit of the rich Bataille family? Or August: a charming philosophy professor who might also be a serial killer? Each character branch reveals unique secrets about Bataille and a chance to find love.


  • Unlock four distinct romances and story paths in an epic script totalling 250,000+ words
  • Hear select scenes with a rich cast of English voice actors
  • Embrace your nostalgia for early horror games with an eerie, retro 3D environment
  • Explore select 3D interiors
  • Listen to a lengthy, dynamic soundtrack by developer and composer Jenny Gibbons

Store Page:

Original Demo Page:

Thank you! Unfortunately we haven't planned a Mac release yet because we don't have the necessary equipment. If we get a chance to release on Mac, though, we will!

Thanks so much! We're aiming for Oct 27

The new release date is Oct 27th! We really hope this one will stick :D

Haha thanks; I think it was there before, but I'm glad you enjoyed it. Malcolm and I see those often driving around Missouri! 

The extended version includes the "Middle" demo option, which allows you to play another segment of the game and meet more characters. There is currently no option to play straight through, though. Hopefully that will be available in a few months with the full game! XD

I'm sorry you're experiencing this issue. Currently, both versions are available for download (the titles have "v1" or "Extended" suffix). Hopefully we can fix the extended demo errors soon.

We have added the latest demo here to itch, although it sounds like some people are having issues installing and playing. Currently, both versions are available for download (the titles have "v1" or "Extended" suffix). Hopefully we can fix the new demo errors soon.

I'm sorry to hear you had these issues! Thanks for providing these details.  We're investigating the problem now. 

I'm sorry to hear you had these issues! We're investigating the problem now. Can you tell me whether your computer meets the minimum spec requirements (added to download & install instructions)?

Hello! Thanks so much for doing this! I'd like to submit Echoes of the Fey: The Fox's Trail to the bundle: 

Thank you, Endraca! The new demo release has been pushed to June 16. We do have a Discord channel here: 

We currently don't have the equipment to build the game on Mac, but we'll update if anything changes

Thank you, glad you like it!