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Wolpertinger Works

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Harhar, that's a funny one! :D

Interesting setting, good narration, fitting music - well done :D

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Very good game, a few bugs, but nothing too grave. It's well written, has many choices with different outcomes, the music fits, and the graphics are gorgeous!


That's a nice one :D

Ah, thank you, now I got it! Intense :D

Oh, I totally forgot to say that I enjoy this little piece of a game quite a bit :-) I like your writing, that's also why I can't wait for "Small Saga" to launch, I loved the demo :D

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I still can't get the third ending :-/ Bad end, freedom, but else? Hmph :-p

And I found a misspelling. The mouse get's the only option to say "Exactly", but the "l" is missing :-)

This is so well done! The story, the animations, the characters, the atmosphere and suspense, the music, the sounds - just great!

So beautiful

Lovely! Despite having a depressive episode it immediately put a smile on my face, and it's still there :D

"Just out of curiosity I decided to launch the original Steam version directly from the Steam folder and that actually works OK as well."

Awesome, thanks for this hint! :D

Yes, great, the version on Itch works! :D Thanks so much for your help!

Hi, I've bought the game on Steam and would love to play it, but it just refuses to work proberly :-/ I can run it and click on "Start", but then it begins to stutter, the images are only shown for a split of a second and when the first dialogue starts, the speech bubbles are empty.

When I try to reinstall DirectX it says that the right or rather a better version is already installed.
And I've updated the graphic card driver - still no success.
Then I un- and reinstalled the game - nothing changed.

Sigh - do you have an idea?

My rig:

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
Intel Core i5-3570k
Geforce GTX 970 4GB

As rough around the edges as it is - I have quite a lot of fun! :D

Yay :D

And also Merry Christmas and a good start into the new year for you! :D

Wow, you're so hard-working, that's awesome! Thank you for your enthusiasm <3

Nice! I really enjoyed this experience :D
And I'm quite impressed to see what is possible with "RPG in a box"! :D


Thanks for the fast reply! :D

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Hey there :)

I just bought the game and am enjoying it so far :D

But - I'm stuck at the tavern.

1. I click on the bottle.
2. When Rhye leaves the room, I close the iron door.
3. I click on the lantern and the Thoughtform of Kindness disappears.
4. Rhye comes back, cleans the table, opens the iron door ... and moves forward to greet Juul.

Could someone help me and tell me the correct order of actions, please? I tried it now several times and am failing and failing ... :(

Thanks in advance
Marja :)

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Hab' gerade in deiner Todo-Liste einen Punkt gesehen, der mir in den Sinn kam:

"Customizable Controls (if possible)"

Also, entweder das, oder mal probieren, Schießen und Springen zu vertauschen, also D und S - ich glaube, damit käme ich besser klar. Vllt rede ich mir das aber auch nur ein, um meine Verpeiltheit zu entschuldigen :-p

Ansonsten finde ich das Spiel bisher sehr cool, ich find's vor allem gut, dass man immer in einem anderen Level startet, das tut bei vielen Neuversuchen gut ;) Bis ich mal kapiert hatte, wie man von einer Leiter auf die andere springt ... ^^


Ich bin einfach überfordert von Plattformern :-p

1200 ^^

(This is Abalone from Superlevel ;-))

Ganz wunderbar <3 Die Steuerung ist zwar etwas ungenau beim Springen (Gamepad), und manchmal steckt man in den Meshes, aber das sind nur kleine Wehwehchen, die man locker wegstecken kann. Die Schönheit der Welt und des Gameplays überwiegt :D

Finished it now after 10 hours and am quite satisfied :-D It's very polished (I have encountered no bugs or crashes), the story is entertaining, the puzzles not to hard, there are some nice minigames - one can see that there was much love put into this game. Only the jokes/the dialogues got a bit enervating over the time, especially towards the end it became very disgusting - too much pissing, pooping, farting and vomiting ;-)

But besides that it was fun and kept me interested the whole time :D