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Hey there :)

I just bought the game and am enjoying it so far :D

But - I'm stuck at the tavern.

1. I click on the bottle.
2. When Rhye leaves the room, I close the iron door.
3. I click on the lantern and the Thoughtform of Kindness disappears.
4. Rhye comes back, cleans the table, opens the iron door ... and moves forward to greet Juul.

Could someone help me and tell me the correct order of actions, please? I tried it now several times and am failing and failing ... :(

Thanks in advance
Marja :)

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Hello! A few people have had this problem.


Your steps are all correct, don't worry. The final step is re-opening the iron door before the Thoughtform of Kindness disappears. Glad to see you're enjoying the game so far!


Thanks for the fast reply! :D