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Glad to hear you enjoyed it! Regarding how to having better control of the dice, only now has some ideas come to mind sadly

Thank you very much!

Thank you!

I was trying to indicate sarcasm with the smile at the end of my comment. I don't have a problem with how it's balanced if anything, I do like the way it is balanced overall!

I like the concept, my only complaint is that landing a 1 is not punishing enough :)

The aesthetic for this game is amazing! And I love story!

Simple but A E S T H E T I C

Glad to hear your enjoyment! 

Some good ol fun! And thanks for playing our game :D

Glad to hear you enjoyed the humor! 

Great to hear you had a fun time! Sadly the one thing we got on time done was score increasing for how low you roll. As for places to land on, sadly I didn't get that working on time. But I'll fix that, as well as update other things when the jam is over! :D

That feeling when the minigun doesn't have much reach so you put it in the middle of the most spacious area where it can't shoot because the enemies are too far away :)

(Good Game)

This was really fun to play, and I love the rolling mechanic!

I love how simple and unique this game is, it's so nice

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The zip only contains a windows build, why?

You might wanna re-upload the linux build when you can, since it needs the .pck file (Or zip the folder where you export it again)!

I like the concept, the mood is good, but a bit of engagement like enemies would've been nice.
Solid game!

It's a nice and simple game.. I sadly suck at "rolling" the dice :(

Glad to hear you enjoyed what managed to put together

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Glad to hear you enjoyed the game, as for people talking in the background we did have that in mind. Kinda ran out of time, before realizing that needed to be put in. 

Glad to hear you enjoyed the game!
I can't blame you for going after the asteroids, it's nice cleaning the screen of obstacles.
Also, those asteroids were made on purpose to punish players that were holding down the shoot button the whole time (so that when they become the smallest ones they're harder to avoid). 

Thank you for playing the game!

As for the art, yes I did most of the art of of the objects and enemies.  A friend of mine who's in the special thanks, provided me with the ship, the starry background and the planets!

Regarding the feedback, Yep I do agree I should've implemented a stronger indication for progress when damaging things. Though I wasn't sure if sound effects is the best choice in that regard, especially when everything that appears on screen is destructible.
As for the music, I agree with some quick-paced music

Thank you again for your feedback!

Thanks for playing and the critique! I'll try to do something with the pace of the game in the future as many others have also pointed out

Thank you for enjoying the game!
As you pointed out, the use of the mechanic gets under utilized if the player is good. (I'll have to figure a way to make the player to utilize it more, probably when I'll work more on this in the future).

And in regards to music, I'll keep that in mind!

Thank you for enjoying the game!!

Aah, so this is the 90's tech, job experience.
Genuinely love the minigames they are so nice and simple. Because of the time limit there is a nice level of difficulty.

The small details for this game are on point!

It's so simple yet so bewildering.
I would love to have this on my phone and just mess around with the combinations!


Ngl this almost feels impossible when not making use of the the skills

A nice and simple pong game (With an extended hitbox), the skill is pretty useful when you're barraged, Good job!

There's a really nice sense of adrenaline when the rockets are chasing you,  as well as a lot freedom with what you can do to them. Overall a great experience, only gripe is that it's hard to tell the difference between a rocket indicator and enemy plane indicator.

Thank you for playing our game!

Thank you for choosing this ExPeRIenCE